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Purpose Playbook Translations

Putting purpose into practice with shared value

The Shared Value Initiative is deeply grateful to the translators for their support in making the Purpose Playbook V1.1 accessible to the shared value community around the world. In addition to those listed below, the Purpose Playbook is currently being translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. If you are interested in translating the Purpose Playbook into another language, or if you would like to submit feedback on or suggest a revision to the current translations, please contact comments@purposeplaybook.org.

Purpose Playbook – Italian 

Translated by/Tradotto da:

  • Antonio Romani, Senior Consultant, On! Trasformazioni Generative

View the Italian Translation /Accedi alla traduzione Italiana

Purpose Playbook – Spanish

Translated by/Traducido por:

  • Martha Herrera, Directora Global de Impacto Social, CEMEX

Access the Spanish Translation / Accede a la traducción al español