Purpose Playbook

Putting Purpose into Practice with Shared Value

Should companies have a purpose beyond profits? If your answer is “yes,” this Purpose Playbook is for you. Coming May 2020.

At FSG and the Shared Value Initiative, we’ve been working with purpose-led companies for two decades, and nine years ago we helped bring shared value—a business discipline where companies use their core business to drive societal change and enhance their competitiveness—to the world.  More recently, our Purpose Team has been hard at work developing new frameworks and tools to help leaders and organizations clarify purpose through a strategic lens and activate it for greater relevance and impact to society and business.

In May 2020 the Shared Value Initiative will introduce the Purpose Playbook, a guide that will help put your company’s purpose into practice through shared value and be an aid as you take the journey. It’s a tool informed by practitioners for practitioners.

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