Our Community

A Community of Changemakers

The Shared Value Initiative Partner community believes in the transformative power of business to effect social change at scale and enhance competitive advantage. Representing a range of industries, geographies and issue areas, our Partners are pioneers changing the way business is done.

Experience the SVI Community

Unexpected Connections

Our Partners build community with other shared value leaders and practitioners in-person and virtually.

  • Attendance at the Shared Value Leadership Summit, in-person and virtual Ideas Exchanges, and Initiative-hosted side events held during the United Nations General Assembly and the World Economic Forum
  • Tailored introductions to shared value leaders, accelerators and changemaker
  • Access to the Initiative’s Global Network (Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, India)

Co-Creation Opportunities

SVI Partners contribute to the creation of new ideas, practices and tools that will help your practice and the movement.

  • Invitations to participate in shared value research efforts
  • Opportunities to provide guidance during the development of tools and resources

Ideas, Knowledge, and Tools

SVI Partners learn together; share knowledge; spark new thoughts and practices; and access useful practitioner tools.

  • Exclusive access to the full Purpose Playbook
  • Invitations to share knowledge and insights during Ideas Exchanges

Join the Community

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