Transforming the Way Business is Done

After a decade of transforming the way business is done, the Shared Value Initiative has some news to share.

A Letter to the Shared Value Initiative Community

For the past 10 years, FSG, a not-for-profit social impact consulting firm, has hosted the Shared Value Initiative (SVI). The SVI is a global platform focused on advancing the awareness and adoption of shared value through research, tools, case studies, knowledge-sharing events, and a membership community. The SVI is also a member of the Shared Value Global Network which was established in 2019 and includes the Shared Value Project in Australia/New Zealand, Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong/China, Shared Value Initiative India, and Shared Value Africa Initiative—bringing the work alive at the regional level with peer-to-peer networks.

After a decade as a separate initiative, the SVI will now transition key elements of its practice into FSG and focus on advancing efforts at the intersection of business and society as part of the FSG team. In March 2023, the SVI will wind down its membership operations as FSG takes the lead on the development and publication of insights on the role of corporations in society and continues to work with companies on shared value through its consulting practice and research.

As the primary focus of shared value shifts from awareness-building to practical application, FSG and the Shared Value Global Network will seek opportunities to collaborate to help advance the practice on the ground as peers learn from peers. Practitioners can continue to find shared value resources from the past decade at and new research and ideas at

We look forward to sharing new ideas related to purpose and profit, including shared value, through our efforts with FSG and we remain supportive of the Global Network as they continue their leadership of shared value regionally.

Thank you for being a part of the shared value community and helping to change the world for the better.

With gratitude,

The Shared Value Initiative

Shared Value Global Network

The Global Network plays a critical role in advancing the adoption and implementation of shared value and brings the work alive at the regional level with peer-to-peer networks.