The Shared Value Africa Initiative (SVAI), Africa’s most powerful Shared Value business network, enables businesses to collaborate and form partnerships across border lines to drive collective social impact at scale.


Bring together businesses and business communities from across Africa with a common purpose: to build the African economy. To shift Africa from being the poorest continent to the most economically viable. To bring about change at scale.


Through partnership with a variety of stakeholder groups, including regional and national corporations, non-profits, multi-and bilateral development agencies and foundations, the SVAI will create Africa’s most powerful business network.


Collaboration is key to Africa realizing its potential in the twenty-first century. It is time for business to step up. Indeed, it is sound business for companies to incorporate social development into their strategy. Africa’s challenges are great, yet they hold opportunities for sustainable growth and profit potential.


To build the African economy for our people and our continent.