Partnership Archive

  • Paz y Prosperidad como Imperativo de Negocio

    Un estudio de caso sobre Energía para la Paz, una iniciativa de valor compartido del Grupo Energía Bogotá
  • The Business Imperative of Enabling Peace and Prosperity

    A case study on the Energía para la Paz, a shared value initiative of Grupo Energía Bogotá
  • Corporate Purpose and the Great Reset

    During the early months of the global pandemic, we frequently heard and used the expression “in a post-COVID-19 world” when thinking about the future. Now, aft…

  • #SVLeaders 2019: Investors as Enablers of Purpose-Driven Enterprise

    Investors as Enablers of Purpose-Driven Enterprise
  • The Ecosystem of Shared Value

    Companies must collaborate to capture the economic benefits of social progress.
  • Get to Know Your New Corporate Partner: 18 Questions to Ask

    So you’re a nonprofit that’s landed the first meeting with a corporate partner – now what? In our experience in partnering with companies for global developmen…

  • The Power of Organizational Change

    One NGO's journey to big impact through smarter corporate partnerships.When it comes to social change, large companies can bring the resources needed to make i…

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