About Shared Value Initiative

Creating Unexpected Connections

The Shared Value Initiative is building a community of leaders who are activating their own potential for impact so that everyone can realize their possibility and live a life of dignity. We are driven by pioneers, the curious, knowledge seekers, idea generators, and committed leaders who want to make the world a more equitable, healthy and sustainable place.

The Evolution of a Movement

  • 2013

    Capacity Building

    The Shared Value Initiative introduces the Affiliated Professionals Service Network to build an emerging global community of practitioners providing shared value consulting and communications services.
  • 2014

    A Global Network

    The Shared Value Project Australia launches as the SVI’s first global partner, an important step in engaging companies in market-specific opportunities. Shared Value Initiative India followed in 2015 and Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong and Africa Shared Value Initiative in 2017.
  • 2014

    Partnership for Scale

    The Shared Value Initiative convenes the International NGO Network to improve the process and expand opportunities for INGOs to develop shared value partnerships with corporations.
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