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You are the bridge between business and real world change.
Today’s leaders create new business value by addressing social issues.
Cross-pollinating ideas is the first step to effectively implementing them.
Trailblazing organizations see new opportunities to combine business growth with social impact. 
Our certified consulting affiliates help others successfully apply shared value in every region of the globe.
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Our Community
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Global leaders who drive shared value:

Tony O. Elumelu
"Economic prosperity and social wealth must go hand in hand for maximum impact. Success cannot be measured purely in economic terms, and Heirs Holdings’ investment activities aren't strictly driven by profitability—though our ultimate responsibility to our shareholders remains creating economic value for them."
Tony O. Elumelu   Chairman, Heirs Holdings
Michael E. Porter
“The purpose of the corporation must be redefined as creating shared value, not just profit per se. This will drive the next wave of innovation and productivity growth in the global economy.”
Michael E. Porter   Bishop William Lawrence University Professor, Harvard Business School
Yoshinori Isozaki
"Our biggest challenge was to commit to shared value by launching a specific division carrying its name when the concept had not yet permeated in Japanese companies. I met Professor Michael Porter when he was visiting Japan and was encouraged by him in launching the division."
Yoshinori Isozaki   CEO
Steve Davis
"We cannot do this alone. Almost every major 21st century problem we have to address has to be done through very deep multi-sector partnerships; in which we identify where we hold common interest and then we collaborate with the best each of us can bring to the table to solve those social problems."
Steve Davis   CEO, PATH
Beth Keck
"We are convinced that taking on large social issues is compatible with building stronger business at Walmart. Our investment in training women in agriculture is increasing food availability. Our workforce training initiatives are improving opportunities and livelihoods for women – and some of those are our customers."
Beth Keck   Senior Director of Women’s Economic Empowerment, Walmart

Top corporations and organizations have benefited from the practice of shared value. Now it's your turn to get involved.

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Join the Community
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Get Consulting Power
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Become a Partner
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Assess your Readiness
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Inventive organizations are practicing shared value. Meet our world-class partners.

NestléVerizonRockefeller FoundationMercy CorpsArauco
InterContinental Hotels GroupIntelPATHCoca-ColaDeloitte
Hewlett Packard (HP)Inter-American Development BankLillyMedtronicWestern Union
NestléVerizonRockefeller FoundationMercy Corps
AraucoInterContinental Hotels GroupIntelPATH
Coca-ColaDeloitteHewlett Packard (HP)Inter-American Development Bank
LillyMedtronicWestern Union
NestléVerizonRockefeller FoundationMercy Corps