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  • Innovating for Shared Value

    Companies that deliver both social benefit and business value rely on five mutually reinforcing elements.
  • Cutting through the noise: A conversation on creating shared value and investors at Davos

    Today we met with 25 investors and corporate leaders in Davos to discuss the changes needed to get more investors to allocate resources to shared value compani…

  • Ideas Q&A: Roundtable on Shared Value

    This article provides executive perspectives from 10 major corporations discussing the innovative ways they are putting societal issues at the core of their companies’ strategy and operations
  • Creating Shared Value: A How-to Guide for the New Corporate (R)evolution

    This report explores how corporations can translate Creating Shared Value into action.
  • Creating Shared Value

    The original shared value article published in Harvard Business Review.
  • Strategy & Society: The Link between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility

    This article, which was the winner of the McKinsey Award for the Best Harvard Business Review Article in 2006, also served a key role in the evolution of the shared value concept.
  • The Competitive Advantage of Corporate Philanthropy

    This article was published in the Harvard Business Review in 2002 and served as one of the first articles that led to the evolution of the shared value concept.
  • How Insurance Companies are Preparing for the Future through Shared Value

    This is an exciting time of innovation and impact for the insurance industry. As we’ve discussed in our research, insurance is the ultimate shared value indust…

  • A New Dawn for Corporate Leadership

    Change the World?  Indeed!  The world already seems to be changing more quickly than anyone can keep up with. From one breathless headline to the next, we are …

  • The Ecosystem of Shared Value

    Companies do not operate in isolation. The synergy between business success and addressing social problems can be powerful. The first large-scale program to di…

  • The Power of Organizational Change

    One NGO's journey to big impact through smarter corporate partnerships.When it comes to social change, large companies can bring the resources needed to make i…

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