CEMEX is a global building materials company that provides high-quality products and reliable services. CEMEX has a rich history of improving the well-being of those it serves through innovative building solutions, efficiency advancements, and efforts to promote a sustainable future.

Given the importance of the sustainability-related challenges that society is facing, CEMEX has integrated sustainability into its business strategy. With the help of our Sustainability Model, we are incorporating sustainability practices into our day-to-day operations and decision-making processes worldwide. Our model ensures that we concentrate our efforts and resources on the issues of highest relevance to our business and greatest concern to our stakeholders.

Our sustainability model is the result of a detailed and collaborative process that involved both internal and external stakeholders consultation. It aims to address current and future global societal challenges where CEMEX can have a significant contribution.

With 4 objectives organized around the economic, environmental, social and governance pillars, our sustainability model is supported by 13 top priorities that ensure sustainability is embedded into every aspect of our business. CEMEX’s Sustainability Model links relevant global societal challenges to the creation of value for stakeholders and by taking action on our priorities.