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Mark Kramer's picture
Nestlé and the Journey to Creating Shared Value
By: Mark Kramer | 4 years 3 months ago | Permalink
by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer Over the course of our research on the concept of creating shared value, we have been fortunate to work with many dedicated practitioners, learning from their real-time successes and challenges in implementation, and incorporating these insights into our evolving framework. Nestlé was an early practitioner of a shared value approach for decades before... more
Briar Lloyd's picture
Save the Date: 2016 Shared Value Forum in Australia - 13 April
By: Briar Lloyd | 4 years 3 months ago | Permalink
Save the date for the 2016 Shared Value Forum to be held in Melbourne, Australia on 13 April 2016. For more information or to register your interest in attending or being a speaker, please contact    
Kate Millar's picture
Is CSR dead? Barclays debates
By: Kate Millar | 4 years 3 months ago | Permalink
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> The fourth event in Barclays’ live debate platform series, ‘Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) dead?’, saw global leaders in sustainability take to the stage for a thought-provoking discussion.  This article originally appeared in the Barclays... more
Leith Greenslade's picture
10 Immediate Ways Private Industry Can Tackle the New Global Goals
By: Leith Greenslade | 4 years 3 months ago | Permalink
How companies can take action to change the world—right now. (Image Credit: Global Goals / Getty Images) Just a few months ago, world leaders meeting at the UN in New York signed up to something extraordinary and unprecedented—17 ambitious goals ranging from ending extreme poverty to combatting climate change that apply equally to every country. The ambition and universality of the new... more
Neera Vohra's picture
Upcoming Event: How Indian Companies Can Act on Shared Value
By: Neera Vohra | 4 years 3 months ago | Permalink
Shared Value Initiative India chair Amit Kapoor speaking at the New York Shared Value Leadership Summit earlier this year. (Photo: Joe Vericker) The India regional Shared Value Summit is all set to take place on November 20, 2015, at the Leela, Ambience Island, Gurgaon. The Shared Value Summit will bring together national and international leaders to discuss and deliberate on the... more
David Laurel's picture
Teaching Shared Value On the Ground
By: David Laurel | 4 years 3 months ago | Permalink
David Laurel pictured (center) teaching his immersive shared value course in the Philippines. As business leaders adopt pressing social issues like the new global goals into their core profit-making models, more and more the concept of shared value is being implemented in the mainstream. Shared Value Initiative Consulting Affiliate David Laurel knows this well, having worked for shared... more
Issiaka Zougba's picture
Looking for SV Case study candidates in West Africa (Ghana - Ivory Coast)
By: Issiaka Zougba | 4 years 3 months ago | Permalink
I am a phd candidate in organizational studies from the Catholic University of Milan conducting field research (case studies) on shared value creation in emerging markets. I am currently based in Ghana for a 6-month field work. My focus is on organizations and businesses of the shared value community operating in Ghana and Ivory Coast within any industry sector. My research design implies semi-... more
Fernando Morales-de la Cruz's picture
Less Than One Cent Per Cup of Coffee: Is That Fair?
By: Fernando Morales-de la Cruz | 4 years 3 months ago | Permalink
Photo CAFE FOR CHANGE by Samten Norbù This post was originally published on the Huffington Post Impact blog.  Americans celebrated National Coffee Day on September 29th, the rest of the world celebrated International Coffee Day on October 1st, with offers and promotions of free coffee but all ignoring what it takes to produce the coffee beans, without which there... more
Ellen Martin's picture
Beyond the Haze: Bright Future for Shared Value in Southeast Asia
By: Ellen Martin | 4 years 3 months ago | Permalink
In early October, Kuala Lumpur experienced one of the worst haze episodes in the region’s history. I was there at the time – along with members of the Shared Value Initiative’s Consulting Affiliate Network – to attend the CSR Asia Summit, which focused on how companies can create strategic value in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts in the region. Of course, several fellow... more
Ellen Martin's picture
3 Companies that Profit from Saving the Planet
By: Ellen Martin | 4 years 3 months ago | Permalink
These businesses deliver results on making positive environmental impact. (Photo: Charles Yeager / Unsplash) In December, business and civil society leaders from nearly every country will gather for COP 21 in Paris, argued by many as the world’s final significant chance to take action on climate change. As the public and private sectors gather to make deals that may change the world,... more