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Ellen Martin's picture
Leading Canadian companies find inspiration in shared value
By: Ellen Martin | 3 years 6 months ago | Permalink
How might we catalyze shared value thinking in companies? The Consulting Affiliate Network is a key component of how the Shared Value Initiative thinks about influencing companies and helping them on their journeys toward creating and scaling shared value. Therefore, it was a great honor to have joined two of our Canadian Affiliates, Cohesion Strategies and Umalia, for a Shared Value Lab... more
Giuseppe Antonio Aiello's picture
TIM Commits to Shared Value
By: Giuseppe Antonio Aiello | 3 years 6 months ago | Permalink
The new Shared Value Initiative partner ties together business and societal success. In July 2015, TIM transformed its sustainability model from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Corporate Shared Value (CSV). Influenced by the shared value approach developed by FSG, TIM has defined its new strategy based on economic and social value creation. The goal is linking economic and... more
Katie Schlepp Zatorski's picture
The Power of Organizational Change
By: Katie Schlepp Zatorski | 3 years 6 months ago | Permalink
One NGO's journey to big impact through smarter corporate partnerships. (Photo Credit: Pact) When it comes to social change, large companies can bring the resources needed to make it happen in the long term. Pact is an international NGO (INGO) that knows this well: In 2009, CEO Mark Viso challenged his 38-year-old organization to augment traditional funding with corporate partnerships,... more
Briar Lloyd's picture
Register Now: 2016 Shared Value Forum to focus on Business - Partnering for Change in the Asia Pacific Region
By: Briar Lloyd | 3 years 6 months ago | Permalink
JOIN THE SHARED VALUE PROJECT FOR THE 2016 SHARED VALUE FORUM IN MELBOURNE ON WEDNESDAY 13 APRIL 2016 In partnership with NAB and IAG, the 2016 Shared Value Forum will focus on business partnering for change with in-depth case studies, interactive lab sessions, and dynamic panel discussions on how to drive shared value growth. You can also register for the Pre-Forum... more
Caroline Keddy's picture
Canada needs a WIN-WIN Pathway to Capitalize on Our New Energy Advantage
By: Caroline Keddy | 3 years 7 months ago | Permalink
  Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter this past Thursday at GLOBE 2016 said it’s time for Canada to get on with LNG exports to help combat climate change, both here and elsewhere. He stated Thursday that natural gas provides a way to replace higher-intensity-carbon energy such as that produced by coal plants and to meet increasing global demand for energy, which is necessary... more
Mohammad Muzahidul Islam's picture
Eco jute small enterprises and CSV
By: Mohammad Muzahidul Islam | 3 years 7 months ago | Permalink
Jute is natural fiber after cotton. Bangladesh produces best quality fiber in the world. Small jute enterprises are creating shared value in innovative way.............
Meghan Ennes's picture
Nestlé Publishes 2015 Creating Shared Value Report
By: Meghan Ennes | 3 years 7 months ago | Permalink
The nutrition company reports on ROI to both business and society. (Photo Credit: Nestlé Flickr) Nestlé's corporate success is closely tied to delivering on both environmental and social issues. As a founding partner of this Initiative that has been driving shared value for nearly a decade, the nutrition company is a trailblazer for shared value in practice. That commitment is... more
Ellen Martin's picture
More than 100 shared value consultants and practitioners trained (and counting...)
By: Ellen Martin | 3 years 7 months ago | Permalink
Last week, I was in Sydney for our 6th Consulting Affiliate training program, co-presented with our regional partner, the Shared Value Project.  This was our first training in Australia, where the shared value concept has picked up great momentum in the past two years among companies, NGOs, and donors. When we delivered our first affiliate training in Boston back in May 2013, we... more
Mark Kramer's picture
Corporate America and the Politics of Anger
By: Mark Kramer | 3 years 7 months ago | Permalink
The following is an excerpt from How Big Business Created the Politics of Anger, published today on the Harvard Business Review blog network. (Photo Credit: Matthew Wiebe / Unsplash) “Companies are not squarely to blame for the anger and frustration that have so warped this presidential primary season. Nor are they entirely innocent. The growing economic inequality that polarizes... more
Nadine Hack's picture
Being Self-Aware and Truthful
By: Nadine Hack | 3 years 7 months ago | Permalink
“I meant what I said and I said what I meant.  An elephant’s faithful one-hundred percent!” ― Dr. Seuus, Horton Hatches the Egg  It’s well known that our children learn from our actions, not our words.  The admonition “Do what I say, not what I do!” never has worked even for the least cleaver child.  The same absolutely holds true for how we each and all can ... more