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Daniel Bassill's picture
Information Based to Support Collective Impact Initiatives
By: Daniel Bassill | 3 years 2 months ago | Permalink
I've been following the FSG and SSIR posts on collective impact for a few years and occasionally sharing ideas from my own experiences.  I created the Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) in Chicago in 1993 to support the growth of volunteer-based, non-school, tutor/mentor programs working with k-12 youth in high poverty areas of Chicago. I'd started leading such a program in 1975, as a volunteer... more
Jeongki Lee's picture
An Introduction My Thesis And Sharing Opinions
By: Jeongki Lee | 3 years 2 months ago | Permalink
Hi everyone! I'm Jeongki Lee, a freelanced researcher in South Korea, having M.S. degree of Business Administration. I want to introduce my thesis to you and to share diverse opinions. The purpose of my study is to classify CSV. In this dissertation, I suggested a framework for classifying CSV based on two perspectives – the source of value creation and the result of value creation –.... more
Meghan Ennes's picture
3 New Leaders Who Are Living Shared Value
By: Meghan Ennes | 3 years 2 months ago | Permalink
Who are the up-and-coming business leaders making real social impact? At the Shared Value Leadership Summit this May, you’ll hear from established leaders in the business-in-society space—from the President of the World Bank to business unit heads at CVS and Mastercard. But as you’ve often pointed out to us, you’re craving new voices in this space—new examples of practitioners who... more
Nina Jais's picture
Insurance, Social Impact, and Profit
By: Nina Jais | 3 years 2 months ago | Permalink
This blog post was originally published on   When you think about insurance companies, do you think about social impact? It’s likely not the first thing that comes to mind, but FSG client Skandia has realized the significant impact they can create by helping prevent risks rather than just insuring against them. Through active risk prevention, insurance companies can not only... more
Cate O'Kane's picture
The Role of Shared Value in Partnerships
By: Cate O'Kane | 3 years 2 months ago | Permalink
PSI President & CEO Karl Hoffman (second from left) at the Shared Value Leadership Summit, joined by (from left to right) Eli Lilly CEO John Lechleiter, Discovery Health CEO Adrian Gore, and FSG Managing Directory Kyle Peterson.  As colleagues gathered earlier this month in Washington D.C. for Global Partnerships Week, the development community had the opportunity to pause,... more
Louise Kjaer's picture
From Donation to Market: Unlocking the Potential of Business-based Humanitarian Solutions
By: Louise Kjaer | 3 years 2 months ago | Permalink
Humanitarian crises are occurring with greater frequency within the global landscape. These crises are becoming long lasting and require long-term solutions. Simultaneously, NGOs and humanitarian agencies are experiencing declining donor funding. This development—coupled with an increasing pressure on crisis-affected communities—calls for innovative solutions to tackle protracted crises by... more
Nina Jais's picture
Webinar: How to create scalable societal impact as a corporation
By: Nina Jais | 3 years 2 months ago | Permalink
Consumers are increasingly demanding that companies do well by doing good, and many business leaders are answering that call by adopting shared value approaches. If you're a leader in a corporation  or corporate foundation interested in creating sustainable social and environmetal impact in the long-term, please register for the upcoming free webinar: How to create... more
John Matthew Douglas's picture
By: John Matthew Douglas | 3 years 2 months ago | Permalink
It is truly an honor to stand among each of you here. 
Ellen Martin's picture
Leading Canadian companies find inspiration in shared value
By: Ellen Martin | 3 years 2 months ago | Permalink
How might we catalyze shared value thinking in companies? The Consulting Affiliate Network is a key component of how the Shared Value Initiative thinks about influencing companies and helping them on their journeys toward creating and scaling shared value. Therefore, it was a great honor to have joined two of our Canadian Affiliates, Cohesion Strategies and Umalia, for a Shared Value Lab... more
Giuseppe Antonio Aiello's picture
TIM Commits to Shared Value
By: Giuseppe Antonio Aiello | 3 years 2 months ago | Permalink
The new Shared Value Initiative partner ties together business and societal success. In July 2015, TIM transformed its sustainability model from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Corporate Shared Value (CSV). Influenced by the shared value approach developed by FSG, TIM has defined its new strategy based on economic and social value creation. The goal is linking economic and... more