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Power Africa: Illuminating the Power of Partnerships for Access to Energy
By: Katie Sarro | 4 years 7 months ago | Permalink
Every evening, the sun sets on the dreams of nearly 590 million people in sub-Saharan Africa who lack access to energy. These 590 million people suffer significant economic disadvantages from insufficient power for productive income-generating activities and receive a reduced quality of essential social services as energy is critical for providing effective education and healthcare. At the... more
Womenetics hosts Shared Value fall conferences in Atlanta and Chicago to help spread understanding about CSV as critical business strategy for 21st century
By: Ellen Adair Wyche | 4 years 7 months ago | Permalink
Womenetics is pleased to help advance understanding of Shared Value through our Global Women's Initiative conferences in Atlanta and Chicago this fall.  Incorporating representatives from the corporate, non-profit, public policy and academic realm, we will explore this important movement and particularly focus on ways that women business leaders can accelerate the adoption of CSV and... more
Can bottled water create shared value?
By: Richard Welford | 4 years 7 months ago | Permalink
I found this very interesting debate about Nestle's new bottled water that it says is creating shared value. The argument is that bottled water can create societal benefits through encouraging people to drink water rather than sugary drinks and hence improve health. It is an attractive idea, but the article casts some doubts on this claim and so do many of the comments that follow it. These... more
Shared Value and Shared Confusion
By: Phil Preston | 4 years 7 months ago | Permalink
A report issued by Marks & Spencer and Accenture has highlighted that there is a level of confusion about what Shared Value is (and isn’t). The Fortune Favours the Brave report is a good one in terms of its core message – that there exists a GBP 100 billion opportunity in sustainability related innovation for UK industry. On the flip side, the report mishandles the term Shared Value,... more
ICT high correlation coefficient with CSV
By: Zeev Likwornik | 4 years 7 months ago | Permalink
Hi All, Attached is a short document i have lately prepared in an attempt to raise the visibility of ICT as a critical component of CSV. Hope you'll enjoy reading it and find it useful. Will much appreciate any feedbacks and comments. Ze'ev Likwornik  
ICT enabled CSV presentation at the Ben Guryon University in Israel
By: Zeev Likwornik | 4 years 8 months ago | Permalink
Hi Everyone, On 27th of June 2013 i had the privilege to initiate a presentation on ICT enabled CSV at the Ben Guryon University in Israel. The Presentation was followed by a panel that i have initiated and led dealing with CSV and the Fourth Sector in Israel and in the world. Both events were extremely successful and provoked lots of thought leadership as well as questions... more
Why go it alone in Community Development
By: Andrew Macleod | 4 years 8 months ago | Permalink
Reposted from my originial article at HBR here:   Drive down a typical highway and you'll see a succession of billboards, each one a stand-alone advertisement for a single brand. Watch a Grand Prix race, on the other hand, and you note a different approach: every car carries a multitude of brands. These... more
Disaster Relief, Financial Inclusion and Shared Value
By: Richard Welford | 4 years 8 months ago | Permalink
Disaster relief and financial inclusion: two important development issues, but not perhaps ones that you’d expect to see tackled as part of the same programme. Visa however, has been doing just that. Using its core expertise in electronic payment systems, Visa has been working alongside governments and NGOs to facilitate the delivery of aid payments to people affected by disasters and... more
Shared Value in Asia
By: Richard Welford | 4 years 8 months ago | Permalink
In this week's CSR Asia Weekly, you can find an article that I have written laying out the landscape for Shared Value in Asia. There remain huge challenges in the region that businesses can help to address through commercial activities in communities. I lay out a number of different approaches consistent with the Shared Value philosophy that could go a long way to meeting social needs. Read the... more
Czech Media and Shared Value
By: Peter Sokol | 4 years 8 months ago | Permalink
On Monday, June 17th, CSR Consult hosted a panel debate with four representatives of Czech media who discussed the idea of creating shared value as a future opportunity for the development of corporate social responsibility in the Czech Republic. Approximately thirty representatives of various companies from the Czech Republic joined the event. The event was a part of the Shared Value... more