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Bobbi Silten's picture
Delivering on the Promise of Purpose Beyond Profits
By: Bobbi Silten | 1 month 3 weeks ago | Permalink
By Greg Hills & Bobbi Silten   Do you believe that companies should have a purpose beyond profits? If your answer is yes, you’re in the right place. Fortune’s fifth annual Change the World List celebrates those companies and leaders that embrace corporate purpose and recognize how it can add value to business and society.    Purpose beyond... more
Bobbi Silten's picture
Having Corporate Purpose Benefits Business and Society
By: Bobbi Silten | 3 months 3 weeks ago | Permalink
Originally published on the Aspen Ideas Festival website Bobbi Silten is Managing Director of the Shared Value Initiative, a global platform for leaders seeking to address societal challenges through business solutions. A longtime practitioner of leading social change through business, Silten previously spent 12 years at Gap Inc., most recently as executive vice president of global talent... more
Dane Smith's picture
What Is Corporate Purpose? No, Let Me Rephrase That. What Is a Corporate Purpose Worth Having?
By: Dane Smith | 4 months 2 weeks ago | Permalink
Everyone is talking about purpose these days. Customers and employees are asking about it. Millennials are particularly insistent about seeing evidence of purpose. At FSG, we’re encouraged that companies are thinking and talking about purpose. We have been working with companies to strengthen their CSR and shared value strategies for 20 years, and we have seen how powerful purpose can... more
Pipat Yodprudtikan's picture
Thaipat and ImagePlus join force to promote Shared Value in Thailand
By: Pipat Yodprudtikan | 6 months 1 week ago | Permalink
Thaipat Institute and ImagePlus Communication Ltd. has entered an agreement to setup Expert Aspect International (EAI) Company to promote shared value services in Thailand and ASEAN. With more than 20 years of experience in community relations and issue management of ImagePlus Communication and more than 300 engagements of Thaipat Institute in research, training, and consulting in field of... more
Georgina Eckert's picture
Leading with Purpose to Support Shared Value Performance
By: Georgina Eckert | 7 months 5 days ago | Permalink
These days, companies frequently talk about purpose as a way to engage society. Business leaders leverage a compelling purpose statement—a company’s fundamental reason for being—for a range of reasons, from recruiting and retaining top talent, to securing customer loyalty, to gradually engaging investors, partners and other stakeholders. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s recent shareholder letters have... more
Mark Kramer's picture
Cutting through the noise: A conversation on creating shared value and investors at Davos
By: Mark Kramer | 8 months 3 weeks ago | Permalink
By Nina Jais, Mark Kramer and Marc Pfitzer Today we met with 25 investors and corporate leaders in Davos to discuss the changes needed to get more investors to allocate resources to shared value companies. As highlighted by Michael  Porter at the May 2018 Shared Leadership Value Summit, adoption of shared value strategies may be at an inflection point: major investors like... more
Bobbi Silten's picture
By: Bobbi Silten | 11 months 1 week ago | Permalink
I’ve found that whenever I start a new job, the first 100 days go by quickly and it was no different stepping into the role as the leader of the Shared Value Initiative.  I spent my first few months getting immersed in all things shared value, meeting with SVI members and collaborators, and talking with practitioners and thought leaders in the field to understand our challenges and... more
Alicia Dunn's picture
Shared Value Awards celebrate business achieving social impact and economic return
By: Alicia Dunn | 11 months 4 weeks ago | Permalink
Increasing pressure from consumers, employees, and shareholders to look beyond profit and show leadership in addressing social and environmental issues sees an increase in the uptake of shared value and its evolution as a key strategy for business success and sustainability in the twenty-first century. The 2018 Shared Value Awards presented by the Shared Value Project recognised... more
Alicia Dunn's picture
Innovating for Shared Value at Work
By: Alicia Dunn | 1 year 5 hours ago | Permalink
By Alicia Dunn & Laura Roberts These days it’s hard to miss articles about the future of work – whether it’s the gig economy or the debate about robots replacing humans, there’s no doubt that the nature of work is changing. We don’t know yet the full impact these changes will have on the workforce, but what we do know is that right now companies need to look at ways to redefine the... more
Alicia Dunn's picture
America traded one recession for a far more serious one
By: Alicia Dunn | 1 year 2 weeks ago | Permalink
Originally published in The Boston Globe on September 21, 2018 Michael E. Porter - Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School. The headline economic indicators – GDP growth, the unemployment rate, the stock market — all say that the United States is in... more