Don’t miss our upcoming Shared Value short course in partnership with Strathmore University Business School! The Harvard-aligned curriculum will take an in-depth dive into Shared Value theory and practise, including unpacking real African Shared Value case studies.

Globally, the role of business in society is being questioned. Once seen as the generators of jobs and wealth, companies are increasingly seen as harming people and the environment through a narrow focus on profits. Clients, regulators, employees and investors are asking businesses to contribute to solving the social and environmental challenges worldwide. On our continent, the same applies.

What should business leaders do? Corporate social responsibility initiatives are no longer seen as enough.

Shared Value is a management strategy in which companies find business opportunities in social problems. This three-day executive course shows you how to rethink combining profit and social impact. Learn how the powerful and fast-growing Shared Value approach can help your company mitigate risk and improve your company’s value to society, as it has for companies across our continent and beyond.