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A company’s entire supply chain can make a significant impact in promoting human rights, fair labor practices, and environmental sustainability but with widespread and complex webs of suppliers, companies often report that transforming supply chains is one of the largest challenges to meeting their ESG targets. For nearly three decades Walmart has worked in pursuit of its goal to make sustainability a business imperative and has taken a shared value approach to make large-scale and lasting improvements to the ecosystems most salient to its business. With over 100,000 suppliers globally, Walmart has the unique opportunity to use its purchasing power and industry influence to improve supply chain conditions through collaborative efforts with suppliers, competitors, NGOs, and other stakeholders.

Join the Shared Value Initiative for a conversation between Kathleen McLaughlin (Walmart) and M. Sanjayan (Conservation International) as they discuss their partnership to drive sustainability in Walmart’s supply chain and to improve the capacity of the global retail sourcing system so it is well-positioned to withstand disruptions like COVID-19.