Today, investors are able to identify “good” companies and “profitable” companies but the challenge lies in identifying companies doing the most good most profitably. Central to the concept of shared value is the link between social impact and financial performance and although companies are successfully developing shared value strategies that create competitive advantage, many struggle to communicate the financial benefits of their social impact to investors.

In a new research report from the Shared Value Initiative, “Hybrid Metrics: Connecting Shared Value to Shareholder Value,” a new approach is introduced that combines companies’ social and environmental impact with standard measures of financial performance, making the connection between the two explicit.

Join the Shared Value Project and Shared Value Project Hong Kong, on Thursday, October 22 (Wednesday, October 21 ET) for a webinar to unpack this pivotal new report. The session will feature a pre-recorded discussion with Creating Shared Value Co-Author Mark Kramer and Institutional Investor Deputy Editor Leanna Orr followed by a live Q&A with Mark Kramer and moderator Dr Nadira Lamrad of Business Environment Council where participants will have the opportunity to submit questions.

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You can access the Hybrid Metrics report before the webinar here.