On May 13-14, 2014, over 400 shared value leaders and practitioners gathered for the Shared Value Leadership Summit: Investing in Prosperity in New York. In case you missed it, here you’ll find a playlist of videos and slide presentations, featuring the day's biggest conversations.

Shared Value in 2014

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Michael Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School and “Creating Shared Value” co-author outlines the state of the shared value field and provides a vision for shared value implementation and advancement in the coming year. 

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Investing in Prosperity: A Conversation with Global Leaders

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Professor Porter leads a conversation with three leading public and private investors: Jin-Yong Cai, EVP and CEO, International Finance Corporation; Tony O. Elumelu, Chairman, Heirs Holdings; and Arif Naqvi, Founder and Group Chief Executive, The Abraaj Group.

Read an interview with Tony O. Elumelu: "Shared Value Synonymous with Africapitalism."

Scaling Shared Value in Brazil

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Coca-Cola’s Latin America operations include several successful shared value initiatives. Brian Smith, President of Coca-Cola's Latin America Group and an instrumental leader in implementing the company’s Coletivo program in Brazil, discusses how the company has successfully scaled shared value from a country to a regional level in Latin America.

Read an interview with Brian Smith: "Coca-Cola's Refreshing Impact in Brazil."

Perspectives on Shared Value and Brand

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Alan VanderMolen, Vice Chairman of Daniel J. Edelman Holdings, leads a conversation on how shared value impacts brand value, corporate reputation, and consumer loyalty, and how companies are measuring the connection between shared value and brand value. Panel includes: Marc Mathieu, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Unilever; Stephen Kehoe, Head of Global Financial Inclusion, Visa; and Stanley Litow, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs, IBM and President, IBM International Foundation. 

Watch Additional Video Featuring Alan VanderMolen: "Our Clients Demand Shared Value."

Shared Value Storytellers: Cart-Away Concrete

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Competing on Education

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Pearson CEO John Fallon describes his company’s approach to competing in the education market: by prioritizing student outcomes. 

Read More About Pearson in the FSG Report: "The New Role of Business in Global Education."

Executive Conversations: Business-to-Business Perspectives on Shared Value

Jean-Michel Herrewyn is Senior Vice President and Director, Global Enterprises, Veolia Environment. Veolia, a global leader in water, waste, and energy management, has embedded shared value principles into its incentive structures, transforming the way its business operates. Herrewyn shares the company’s shared value strategy and how It has changed how Veolia goes to market. (No video available.)

Download Jean-Michel Herrewyn's Presentation Slides

Best Practices for Cross-Sector Collaborations that Work 

What makes for a successful cross-sector shared value partnership? Steve Davis, CEO of PATH, provides introductory insights from his successful leadership there. Panelists—representing partnerships between Walmart (Beth Keck) and TechnoServe (David Browning), and The Rockefeller Foundation’s involvement in Digital Jobs Africa (Zia Kahn)—discuss best practices in collaborating to advance shared value. (No video available.)

Download Steve Davis' Presentation Slides

Dialogue and Call to Action: Advancing a Purpose-Driven Business

As leader of a well-known brand with social thinking embedded in its core business, Jostein Solheim, Chief Executive Officer of Ben & Jerry’s, has a unique perspective on instilling purpose into a business. In this discussion, Solheim reflects on topics from Day One and talks about what skills are needed for business leaders of today. (No video available.)

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Executive Conversations: Identifying Shared Value Opportunities 

Yoshinori Isozaki, President and Chief Executive Officer of Kirin Company, outlines how his company began its shared value journey by identifying linkages between business and society to gain competitive advantage. (No video available.)

Download Yoshinori Isozaki's Presentation Slides

Breakout Workshops: Presentation Slides

Measuring the Link between Social and Business Value Creation: Lessons from the Health Field 

Shared Value Partnerships: Lessons from the Extractives Industries for Other Sectors 

Untapped Upside: Shared Value in Financial Services 
Building the Workforce of the Future: Shared Value in Education (no slides were used)


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