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Marta Vernet
Activities,Community Service, and Alumni , American School of Barcelona


Marta Vernet has more than 20 years of experience working in the education field at The American School of Barcelona. She has developed educational programs in the Barcelona Community. She is specialized in creating programs through collaborations and partnerships with different stakeholders of the community focusing on Service Learning. My vision is to develop future leaders with a strategic vision which will allow them to create Shared Value in the communities where they are functioning. I see these leaders working, in International Corporations, Public Institutions, small business, Hospitals, Schools or Universities. To fulfill my vision, I am creating Service Learning programs that are experienced by students in their years of schooling (from Kindergarden students up to 12th graders ). These programs have certain characteristics, they are experiential, they solve a problem in the community, they are sustainable and they are win win partnerships for all parties involved.


C/Jaume Balmes 7
08960 Barcelona Spain