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Elfid Torres
CEO , FUNDES , non-profit


lfid Torres has dedicated his entire professional career to betting on entrepreneurship as the main driver for Latin America’s economic and social development. In 1996, he arrived at the Mexico office to develop research that today has helped FUNDES remain at the forefront of knowledge on both MSMEs and business development. He has applied this knowledge when consulting on business strategy for large companies and public policy for governments. Now based out of corporate headquarters in Costa Rica, Elfid spearheads the firm’s strategic shift as FUNDES looks towards 2020. By playing a role in market expansion and developing regional projects with large and recognizable corporate clients, Elfid has been an integral part of the growth experienced at FUNDES during the last few years. His FUNDES résumé reflects his two great passions: promoting business development and encouraging innovation. Elfid is a Mexican national and holds a Masters in Development Studies from East Anglia University in the United Kingdom and an MBA from the prestigious INCAE Business School in Central America.


Costa Rica