As the Summit Curtain Closes, What's Next for Shared Value?

By: Justin Bakule | Former Executive Director at Shared Value Initiative | May 20th, 2016

Justin Bakule introduces a conversation between Michael Porter and Jim Kim on the first day of the Shared Value Leadership Summit 2016. 

The Initiative wrapped up our sixth annual Shared Value Leadership Summit last week. As the informal MC over the course of this two-day shared value event in New York, I was lucky to have a front-row seat to many enlightening conversations on the stage and off.

The Role of Shared Value in Partnerships

By: Cate O'Kane | Director, Corporate Partnerships and Philanthropy at PSI | March 25th, 2016

PSI President & CEO Karl Hoffman (second from left) at the Shared Value Leadership Summit, joined by (from left to right) Eli Lilly CEO John Lechleiter, Discovery Health CEO Adrian Gore, and FSG Managing Directory Kyle Peterson. 

From Donation to Market: Unlocking the Potential of Business-based Humanitarian Solutions

By: Louise Kjaer | Founding Member and Executive Director at KJAER ADVICE | March 24th, 2016

Humanitarian crises are occurring with greater frequency within the global landscape. These crises are becoming long lasting and require long-term solutions. Simultaneously, NGOs and humanitarian agencies are experiencing declining donor funding. This development—coupled with an increasing pressure on crisis-affected communities—calls for innovative solutions to tackle protracted crises by involving new actors.

The Power of Organizational Change

By: Katie Schlepp Z... | Member Services Manager at Shared Value Initiative | March 22nd, 2016

One NGO's journey to big impact through smarter corporate partnerships. (Photo Credit: Pact)

Register Now: 2016 Shared Value Forum to focus on Business - Partnering for Change in the Asia Pacific Region

By: Briar Lloyd | Member Liaison at Shared Value Project | March 20th, 2016


In partnership with NAB and IAG, the 2016 Shared Value Forum will focus on business partnering for change with in-depth case studies, interactive lab sessions, and dynamic panel discussions on how to drive shared value growth.

Corporate America and the Politics of Anger

By: Mark Kramer | Founder and Managing Director at FSG | March 8th, 2016

The following is an excerpt from How Big Business Created the Politics of Anger, published today on the Harvard Business Review blog network. (Photo Credit: Matthew Wiebe / Unsplash)

G20 Platform Launches Survey on Inclusive Business

By: Kathy Gaertner | Associate Operations Officer, Inclusive Business Models Group at International Finance Corporation (IFC) | February 25th, 2016

Engaging the Business Community in Collective Impact

By: Allen Grossman | Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School | January 28th, 2016

Seeing the bigger picture: The ripple effect of vision care on the SDGs

By: Jayanth Bhuvaraghan | Chief Mission Officer at Essilor International | January 22nd, 2016

In India, Essilor recruits under-employed youth to set up primary vision centers, bringing affordable eye care to local communities. (Image Credit: Essilor) 

Business + Purpose in 2016

By: Danielle Holly | CEO at Common Impact | January 15th, 2016

In President Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday, he called on business to be a force for good through the strong and fair treatment of employees.    

"This year I plan to lift up the many businesses who've figured out that doing right by their workers ends up being good for their shareholders, their customers and their communities, so that we can spread those best practices across America."