Saving Business from Itself

By: Justin Bakule | Former Executive Director at Shared Value Initiative | August 21st, 2016

With more companies finding business value in addressing social issues, the doctrine of short-termism may be coming to an end. (Photo: Anthony Delanoix / Unsplash)

Greedy. Dishonest. Destructive. Exploitive.

Delivering on the Promise of Purpose Beyond Profits

By: Bobbi Silten | Managing Director at Shared Value Initiative | August 19th, 2019

By Greg Hills & Bobbi Silten

PATH: Combatting HIV in Vietnam through Partnerships

PATH is a Seattle, Washington-based international nonprofit started in 1977 with a mission to advance global health equity and transform health care delivery around the world through partnerships. In 2014, USAID and PATH launched the Healthy Markets initiative, which brings together public institutions, businesses, and social enterprises to build a sustainable response to HIV in Vietnam and create shared value. Vietnam has experienced significant progress in curtailing its HIV epidemic since the first diagnosis in 1990. In 2014, however, there was a notable shift in the epidemic.

Having Corporate Purpose Benefits Business and Society

By: Bobbi Silten | Managing Director at Shared Value Initiative | June 21st, 2019

Originally published on the Aspen Ideas Festival website

What Is Corporate Purpose? No, Let Me Rephrase That. What Is a Corporate Purpose Worth Having?

By: Dane Smith | Managing Director at FSG | June 3rd, 2019

Everyone is talking about purpose these days. Customers and employees are asking about it. Millennials are particularly insistent about seeing evidence of purpose. At FSG, we’re encouraged that companies are thinking and talking about purpose. We have been working with companies to strengthen their CSR and shared value strategies for 20 years, and we have seen how powerful purpose can be when a company leads with it, as Danone, Discovery Health, Patagonia, and Enel have done. 

Thaipat and ImagePlus join force to promote Shared Value in Thailand

By: Pipat Yodprudtikan | Director at Thaipat Institute | April 10th, 2019

Thaipat Institute and ImagePlus Communication Ltd. has entered an agreement to setup Expert Aspect International (EAI) Company to promote shared value services in Thailand and ASEAN.

Leading with Purpose to Support Shared Value Performance

By: Georgina Eckert | Program Manager at Shared Value Initiative | March 14th, 2019

These days, companies frequently talk about purpose as a way to engage society. Business leaders leverage a compelling purpose statement—a company’s fundamental reason for being—for a range of reasons, from recruiting and retaining top talent, to securing customer loyalty, to gradually engaging investors, partners and other stakeholders.

Cutting through the noise: A conversation on creating shared value and investors at Davos

By: Mark Kramer | Founder and Managing Director at FSG | January 23rd, 2019

By Nina Jais, Mark Kramer and Marc Pfitzer

Today we met with 25 investors and corporate leaders in Davos to discuss the changes needed to get more investors to allocate resources to shared value companies.


Novo Nordisk: Shifting Harmful Norms around Obesity

Society glamorizes weight loss, but the opportunity to transform care will be grounded in weight management.


By: Bobbi Silten | Managing Director at Shared Value Initiative | November 6th, 2018

I’ve found that whenever I start a new job, the first 100 days go by quickly and it was no different stepping into the role as the leader of the Shared Value Initiative.  I spent my first few months getting immersed in all things shared value, meeting with SVI members and collaborators, and talking with practitioners and thought leaders in the field to understand our challenges and opportunities.  In all these encounters there was a common thread: the belief in shared value is strong.