SV GO - 10 Ready-To-Go Projects to Get Your Organization Started

By: Briar Lloyd | Member Liaison at Shared Value Project | August 2nd, 2017

Ever wanted to create a shared value project but didn’t know where to start? Based on the shared value worksheet developed for the 2016 Forum, SV GO contains ten ready-to-go projects to adopt into your organisation – or use as inspiration to create your own. Created by the Shared Value Project in collaboration with IAG and the Republic of Everyone.

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Unlocking Profit and Purpose: CVS Health and Delta

By: Danielle Holly | CEO at Common Impact | May 6th, 2016

We have all seen corporate community engagement undergo a transformation in the past 20 years.  Through the 1990’s a company’s engagement strategy was largely driven by compliance, aligning to policies that ensure that business does the least harm to consumers and the environment.  In the early 2000’s, companies started to develop more intentional investment in their communities with the goal of being a strong corporate citizen in what we now think of as traditional corporate social responsibility

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Lighting a Sustainable World

By: Rossella Piccirillo | Sustainability Project and Practice Sharing at Enel | April 29th, 2016

To generate value in its business areas, Enel needs to find partners on the territory that would help the company gain innovative ideas to be transformed in actions to create value.

In fact Enel  partners with associations and international organizations that contribute to the social and economic development of areas and communities in which it operates to favor the dialogue and engagement of communities.

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Shared Value: A Critical Component of a National Energy Program

Initiative/ Project Description:

Our company, TECO Group SpA, is a Chilean consulting firm that works with energy project developers, rural communities, the government and other stakeholders to remove roadblocks to development through the use of trickle-up design to ensure that project locales and neighbours benefit directly from regional and national development projects.

Developing financial instruments that reward shared value

Initiative/ Project Description:

We rate impact or shared value on society of all organizations on a single scale (like a rating agency) and with them we generate products that everyone can invest in (like an index provider or fund manager).


WHY: Opportunity - What problem we are trying to solve

iTSCi: Mitigating conflict in the Great Lakes Region of Africa through responsible supply chain management, due diligence, and mineral traceability, thereby strengthening security and protecting livelihoods

Initiative/ Project Description:

Starting in 2000, public awareness of a link between minerals and conflict in Central Africa started to grow. Campaigns to stir consumer activism and responsible supply chain management focused particularly on consumer electronics. Conscious of this growing concern around responsible mineral sourcing, the international tin industry association, ITRI, started work on developing a mechanism to create conflict-free supply chains from Central Africa as early as 2008.

doctHERs: Connecting Women, Improving Health, Transforming Lives...

Initiative/ Project Description:

doctHERs connects female doctors (doctHERs) to patients in need via technology. In the MENASA region (starting off in Pakistan), it leapfrogs socio-cultural barriers that restrict women to their homes, while addressing two market failures: access to quality healthcare and inclusive employment for women.

In late 2016 doctHERs plans to launch in the US, focusing on female health professionals seeking flexible, inclusive employment while working from home.


10 Immediate Ways Private Industry Can Tackle the New Global Goals

By: Leith Greenslade | Founder & CEO at JustActions LLC | November 9th, 2015

How companies can take action to change the world—right now. (Image Credit: Global Goals / Getty Images)

Just a few months ago, world leaders meeting at the UN in New York signed up to something extraordinary and unprecedented—17 ambitious goals ranging from ending extreme poverty to combatting climate change that apply equally to every country.

Climate Change and Environment Education, including workforce development Financial Inclusion Gender Equality Health and Nutrition Human Rights Poverty

Companies That Capitalize on Changing the World

By: Ellen Martin | Associate Director, Partnerships at Shared Value Initiative | September 25th, 2015

With many companies innovating on the UN's recently announced global goals, business leaders can't afford to ignore them. (Photo: iStock)

Climate Change and Environment Education, including workforce development Financial Inclusion Health and Nutrition Human Rights Poverty

From Sustainable Luxury to Luxurious Sustainability

By: Misha Pinkhasov | Principal and Co-Founder at NAIR-SAFIR | April 15th, 2015

At the 1.618 Sustainable Luxury conference in Paris, major players marked a turning point in the future of high-end commerce. 

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