Enel in Italy: Geothermal Business that Fosters Local Socio-economic Development

By: Anna ILLARIONOVA | Sustainability Projects & Practice Sharing at Enel | December 22nd, 2017

Enel through its Global Renewable Energies division is the world leading integrated geothermal operator. In Italy Enel operates 34 geothermal plants in Tuscany with a net installed capacity of 761 MW, providing emission-free electricity to about 2.5 million households.

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SV GO - 10 Ready-To-Go Projects to Get Your Organization Started

By: Briar Lloyd | Member Liaison at Shared Value Project | August 2nd, 2017

Ever wanted to create a shared value project but didn’t know where to start? Based on the shared value worksheet developed for the 2016 Forum, SV GO contains ten ready-to-go projects to adopt into your organisation – or use as inspiration to create your own. Created by the Shared Value Project in collaboration with IAG and the Republic of Everyone.

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Government as a catalyst for shared value partnerships

By: Michelle Wenzel | Program Manager at Shared Value Project | February 20th, 2017

On 1 February, more than 100 leaders from business, government and civil society gathered in Canberra, Australia to explore the role of Government as a catalyst for creating shared value partnerships.

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Sustainability Throughout the Entire Value Chain – Apiacas: A Sustainable Construction Site

By: Maria Gotti | Sustainability Projects and Practice Sharing Analyst at Enel | July 28th, 2016

As of 2013, Enel has been integrating the CSV sustainability model into the business processes and along the whole value chain. CSV in Business Development means an in depth analysis of the context which includes the evaluation of risks and opportunities on the basis of business objectives and local stakeholder needs.

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Smart Power for Rural Development: Creating a Sustainable Market Solution to Energy Poverty

Despite great effort and the huge sums of money spent on promoting the expansion of national grids, poor rural communities worldwide continue to lack affordable and reliable electricity. For 1.3 billion people (18% of the global population), accessing electricity to power homes and businesses remains a distant reality.

YieldWise: Building a Better Food System in Africa Through Shared Value Partnerships

Elimination of post-harvest food loss would feed 1 billion more people by 2050—many of them across Sub-Saharan Africa, where food insecurity is the greatest. This means much more than just more food for more people; it also means increased nutritional security, greater resilience within food systems, and improved farmers’ livelihoods. At the same time, increasing demand for food in the region creates an unparalleled opportunity for the private sector to address this pressing problem.

The Secret Sauce in Shared Value, Lean Startup, Behavioral Economics, and Social Enterprise

By: Chris Wolff | Founder at Shared Value Agents | May 19th, 2016

As an enthusiast for new solutions to old problems I wonder: Are you as excited as I am by relatively recent developments of social enterprises, shared value, behavioral economics and/or lean startups for social change? Or do you skeptically forecast which of these business approaches might just be fads?

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Think Different (and Big): Re-imagining International Development in the Way Steve Jobs Re-imagined Technology

By: Julie McBride | Senior Consultant, Social Franchising at MSA Worldwide | May 9th, 2016

Think Different (and Big)

Re-imagining international development the way Steve Jobs re-imagined technology

By Julie McBride, Senior Consultant, Social Franchising MSA Worldwide

December 2015

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Enel Encourages Innovation with Shared Value Business Challenge

By: Bettina Mirabile | CSV Project Leader at Enel | May 3rd, 2016

An infusion of competition helped kick-start this green energy company's shared value journey.

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Building efficient social sector initiatives through new generation impact measurement

By: Unmesh Sheth | Founder & President at SoPact | February 2nd, 2016

Unmesh Sheth Founder, SoPact, “Measure & Build Impact Evidence That Matters”   

This post was originally published on NextBillion.net February 2, 2016

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