Shared value delivers social and economic benefits for Australia

There are an increasing number of companies creating shared value through different strategies across Australia but no central database that pulls together all of these examples or any way for organisations to learn from each other’s experiences. The main purpose of this survey was to understand the current state of shared value activities across leading companies in Australia. The survey targeted senior management (CEOs, and executives of Corporate Affairs, Strategy, and Corporate Responsibility) of ASX 100 companies and those with a demonstrable experience or interest in creating shared value to find out what social approaches or strategies are being implemented, what social issues are being addressed, at what level companies are aware of or are enacting upon the shared value concept, and the business and social results that they are achieving.

More specifically, the survey set out to build an understanding across five broad areas:

  1. What do companies understand by shared value?
  2. What sort of impact are companies having?
  3. Why do companies bother?
  4. What are the main challenges companies encounter?
  5. What support do companies need to optimise their efforts?

This survey is a collaboration between the Shared Value Project and Social Ventures Australia, with media partner AFR BOSS.

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