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The Fortune Change the World List

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1.   Vodafone / Safaricom
UK | Telecommunications
CASE STUDY: Safaricom's Financial Services for the Poor

Google (Alphabet)
USA | Internet

3.   Toyota
Japan | Automotive
4.   Walmart
USA | Retail
VIDEO: The role of Walmart's philanthropy in shared value
5.   Enel
Italy | Electricity
UK | Pharmaceuticals 
VIDEO: GSK's Allan Pamba on the power of business doing good
7.   Jain Irrigation
India | Agriculture
MINI-CASE: Jain Saves Water, Increases Efficiency for Smallholder Farmers

USA | Networking Equipment
MINI-CASE: Cisco Trains Worldwide Technology Workforce

9.   Novartis
Switzerland | Pharmaceuticals
MINI-CASE: Novartis Delivers Healthcare and Education to Remote Communities
10.   Facebook
USA | Internet
11.   MasterCard
USA | Financial Services
12.   Grameen Bank
Bangladesh | Financial Services
13.   Alibaba
China | Internet
14.   Danone
France | Food & Beverage
15.   BYD
China | Manufacturing
16.   Cemex
Mexico | Building Materials
CASE STUDY: Cemex Patrimonio Hoy Housing Program
17.   Discovery
South Africa | Insurance
VIDEO: Discovery's CEO explains their health-centric business model 
18.   Novo Nordisk
Norway | Pharmaceutical
MINI-CASE: Novo Nordisk Changing Diabetes in China
19.   SABMiller
UK | Food & Beverage
CASE STUDY: SABMiller Develops Shopkeepers with Business and Social Focus
20.   IBM
USA | Computing / IT Counseling
CASE STUDY: IBM’s Corporate Service Corps: The Shift to a Globally Integrated Enterprise
21.   Roshan
Afghanistan | Telecommunications
22.   Vanguard
USA | Investment Management
23.   Starbucks
USA | Coffee Shop
24.   Patagonia
USA | Retail
25.   Cargill
USA | Food & Beverage
26.   BD
USA | Medical Equipment
MINI-CASE: BD's Safety Syringes Promote Healthcare Worker Safety
27.   M-Kopa
Kenya | Energy
28.   Unilever
UK/Netherlands | Consumer Goods
MINI-CASE: Unilever's Lifebuoy Improves Hygiene in Rural India
29.   Ayala
Phillippines | Holdings
30.   Whole Foods Market
USA | Grocery
  CVS Health
USA | Health Care
  Equity Bank
Kenya | Financial Services
33.   Intercorp
Peru | Financial Services
34.   Philips
Netherlands | Electronics
35.   IKEA
Sweden | Retail
VIDEO: Michael Porter discusses IKEA's specialized business model
36.   SpaceX
United States | Aerospace

USA | Apparel

Denmark | Conglomerate
39.   Intel
USA | Semiconductors
RESEARCH: How Intel Creates Shared Value in Education
40.   Arup
UK | Design, Engineering, and Business Consultation
41.   Twitter
USA | Internet
42.   Ford Motor
USA | Automotive
43.   Fitbit
USA | Consumer Electronics
44.   Ecolab
USA | Conglomerate
45.   Opower
USA | Software
46.   Waste Management
USA | Waste Management
US | Retail
48.   Kickstarter
USA | Internet
49.   Marks & Spencer
UK | Retail
50.   Essilor
France | Medical equipment

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