Peter Brabeck-Letmathe

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nestlé S.A. ,
“We believe we can make an important contribution to society, by going a step beyond corporate social responsibility to create value through our core business both for our shareholders and society. We prioritize the areas of nutrition, water and rural development to create shared value; this requires long term thinking...”

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe has spent his entire career working for Nestlé, rising to the position of chief executive officer (CEO) in 1997 and also assuming duties as vice chairman of the board in 2001. He has been chairman of the board since 2005. During his tenure as CEO of the Switzerland-based company, he turned Nestlé into the fastest-growing food company in an otherwise slow-growth sector. He achieved this primarily by focusing on buying up leading food brands, closing under-performing brands, and reducing costs wherever possible.  

Mr. Brabeck-Letmathe’s tenure at Nestlé has also been notable as the company has advocated a “creating shared value” approach, becoming a global leader in integrating shared value into corporate business practices.  In this context, Mr Brabeck-Letmathe’s long standing leadership on the water issue has culminated in his appointment as Chairman of the Water Resources Group, an innovative and neutral public–private platform for collaboration on water. Working at the invitation of governments, WRG engages in fact-based, analytical approaches and establishes in-country capacities to help governments achieve sustainable and comprehensive water sector transformation to support their economic growth aspirations.

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