Ole Kjerkegaard Nielsen

Director, Corporate Sustainability, Novo Nordisk ,
"It's a journey. You start measuring, and the more you understand, the more you are able to articulate and optimize the value creation."

Even after two decades of diabetes work in China, Novo Nordisk is still learning new lessons. Ole Kjerkegaard Nielsen runs Novo's Blueprint for Change program and recently summarized Novo’s experience (and results) in China here on sharedvalue.org.

Owned by a foundation, the global healthcare company’s profits have been funneled into diabetes care right from the start. "It's written into the bylaws that we need to have a triple bottom line," says Nielsen. Novo Nordisk’s leaders had this goal in mind when they were the first pharmaceutical company to enter China in 1994. They knew that China's starch-heavy eating lifestyle made this market diabetes-prone and worked with the Chinese government to build clusters, write memorandums, and discover more about how to alleviate the impending problem.

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