Our thought leaders, recognized globally, have applied shared value in new ways with proven results.
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nestlé S.A.,
“We believe we can make an important contribution to society, by going a step beyond corporate social responsibility to create value through our core business both for our shareholders and society. We prioritize the areas of nutrition, water and rural development to create shared value; this requires long term thinking...”
Barbara Bush
Co-Founder and CEO, Global Health Corps
"The health challenges we face today are extremely complex, and therefore need truly complex, multi-disciplinary solutions. Collaboration among a wide range of stakeholders allows for sharing of best practices, resources, and lessons learned. At the end of the day, we strongly believe that’s how we’ll move the needle on global health."
Steve Davis
"We cannot do this alone. Almost every major 21st century problem we have to address has to be done through very deep multi-sector partnerships; in which we identify where we hold common interest and then we collaborate with the best each of us can bring to the table to solve those social problems."
Jean-Marc Duvoisin
CEO, Nespresso
“Creating shared value is essential to build a sustainable future for our business and secure our brand promise of coffee quality and taste. It is about securing the future of the farmers we work with and ensuring they run sustainable businesses, so we can deliver on our brand promise to our customers.”
Tony O. Elumelu
Chairman, Heirs Holdings
"Economic prosperity and social wealth must go hand in hand for maximum impact. Success cannot be measured purely in economic terms, and Heirs Holdings’ investment activities aren't strictly driven by profitability—though our ultimate responsibility to our shareholders remains creating economic value for them."
Vincent Forlenza
Chairman, CEO and President, BD,
“We believe the principles of shared value are fundamental to our strategy. We provide essential value to society by helping address unmet health needs, and this in turn strengthens the Company’s businesses and creates new value for our shareholders.”
Adrian Gore
Founder and CEO, Discovery Group
"By affecting behavior and making people healthier, we generate actual savings. And those savings are passed on to people as incentives that they'll do things to make them healthier. So you get the shared value cycle that has become the core of the Discovery business model."
Leith Greenslade
Vice-Chair, MDG Health Alliance
"The top ten direct causes of premature death are concentrated in certain sub-populations in just a handful of countries. To have the greatest impact on global health and development, we need shared value initiatives that target the leading causes in these high burden countries."
Yoshinori Isozaki
CEO, Kirin Company
"Our biggest challenge was to commit to shared value by launching a specific division carrying its name when the concept had not yet permeated in Japanese companies. I met Professor Michael Porter when he was visiting Japan and was encouraged by him in launching the division."
Beth Keck
Senior Director of Women’s Economic Empowerment, Walmart,
"We are convinced that taking on large social issues is compatible with building stronger business at Walmart. Our investment in training women in agriculture is increasing food availability. Our workforce training initiatives are improving opportunities and livelihoods for women – and some of those are our customers."


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