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About Nestlé

Nestlé is a shared value pioneer, leading the way in the concept’s development from the earliest stages with a conviction that the company can do business in ways that both deliver long-term shareholder value and benefit society. Its approach begins with the understanding that for Nestlé’s business to prosper over the long term, the communities it serves must also prosper.

As the world’s leading nutrition, health, and wellness company, Nestlé is best positioned to create shared value in three areas:

Priority Social Issues

  • Nutrition: by providing nutritious products that deliver real health benefits to consumers and by making products more affordable and accessible through innovation and partnerships.
  • Water: by advocating for the protection of scarce water resources and by using water more efficiently in manufacturing and sourcing processes in ways that also benefit others in the supply chain.
  • Rural Development: by supporting farmer development in rural areas where the raw materials the company needs are grown, securing continued access to quality inputs and strengthening the customer base.

Operationalizing Shared Value

  • Developing  products and services that meet societal needs in developed and developing countries;
  • Using resources more efficiently across the entire value chain; and
  • Improving conditions for local economic and social development.

Commitment to Shared Value

Shared value builds on Nestlé’s commitment to compliance and sustainability, both of which are important ways of mitigating risks to our business, protecting our reputation and, in the case of sustainability, reducing costs. Creating shared value is ultimately about ensuring competitiveness and commercial success in the long term. Nestlé’s commitment to shared value marks it as a company that systematically takes action to produce value for the business, consumers, employees and suppliers, as well as their families and communities.

Image Credit: Nestlé Flickr

Lausanne, Switzerland