Fortune 2016 Change the World List
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Priority Social Issues

  • Education and Workforce Development


About Intel

Intel, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductors, with $53B in revenues in 2012. As a corporation, Intel has scaled innovation to create jobs, expand prosperity, and enrich lives and livelihoods around the world.  Intel’s broad social engagement portfolio includes programs like the Intel® Teach which has built capacity for millions of teachers around the world and advocated for education policy development in emerging markets as a mechanism for advancing the role of technology in education.


Educating the New Workforce

Through programs like Intel Math and Intel Teach, the company has delivered instructional materials, online resources, and professional development tools for hundreds of thousands of educators across the United States to enhance students’ STEM and other 21st century skills, including critical thinking with data and scientific inquiry. By analyzing its own workforce needs, Intel uncovered specific skill gaps in areas like technology and engineering, and the company has focused its investments accordingly. For example, it created higher education curricula in high-demand areas like microelectronics, nanotechnology, security systems, and entrepreneurship. Outside the classroom, Intel has developed a STEM policy toolkit and leverages its lobbying capabilities to encourage policies that promote a more globally competitive education in the United States. Together, these efforts have affected millions of students across the country and are fueling Intel’s talent pipeline and innovations in science while simultaneously increasing the company’s revenue (Intel: The New Role of Business in Global Education).

Santa Clara, United States