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Priority Social Issues

  • Various, including Food & Agriculture

About CJ

CJ Group is a multi-industry group company based in South Korea whose four main businesses include Food & Food Services, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment & Media, and Retail & Logistics. Founded in 1953 as Korea’s first sugar manufacturer by Samsung Group, CJ separated from Samsung in 1995 and has since expanded to become one of the most dynamic companies in Asia, achieving total sales of $28 billion USD in 2013.

Encompassing 28 affiliated companies domestically and over 126 offices in 23 countries throughout the world, CJ has a global workforce of 44,000 and plans to steadily increase its presence overseas as it advances its core businesses as successful global enterprises in China, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, the US, Europe, and beyond. With its (first, best and differentiated) ‘CJ ONLYONE Principle,’ CJ is the world’s largest producer of nucleotides and is poised to take the international lead in manufacturing other biotechnology, in movie theater entertainment, and in televised shopping.

CJ’s mission is “Contribute to the global community by providing the best value to our customers with OnlyOne products and services.” We strive to fulfill our founding philosophy of cultivating a culture of sharing on both CSR (Corporate Shared Responsibility) and CSV (Creating Shared Value) fronts. Our efforts to create a society where everyone enjoys mutual growth, education, and rich cultural experience are achieved primarily through our two foundations, CJ Welfare Foundation and CJ Culture Foundation, along with the meaningful partnerships we form with other organizations.

In 2013, CJ Group established its own Creating Shared Value (or CSV) Management Department which focuses on integrating business efforts with social and environmental values. In the following video, Jo Min, Executive Vice President of Global CSV, describes how this unique structure works so well for CJ: 


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