By far the most common question we get in this community is: How do I measure both the business and social impacts of my organization’s shared value activities? For that reason we’ve pulled together this list of resources for you as you embark on finding the right metrics to gauge success:

GUIDE: Measuring Shared Value Innovation and Impact in Health

The guide explains why measurement is key to creating shared value in health, specifically how shared value changes measurement. It makes a fundamental distinction between measuring innovation and impact, using concrete best practices from Nestlé and Novartis.

REPORT: Measuring Shared Value

Measurement approaches that link social and business results are vital to unlocking shared value for companies and scalable solutions to social problems. This article offers a step by step process for measurement, starting with a well-developed shared value strategy. Examples from leading companies demonstrate this framework in action.

SLIDE PRESENTATION: Shared Value Measurement for Health Solutions

During this session at the 2014 Shared Value Leadership Summit, FSG and corporate panelists shared insights from an ongoing effort to build a shared value measurement approach for health outcomes. Panelists discuss such issues as the identification of outcomes related to shared value initiatives, the challenges of measuring these outcomes at the population level, and practical guidance on sources of support and information.

PODCAST: Measuring Shared Value throughout the Value Chain

While few would argue against creating shared value, how do leading practitioners go about measuring and communicating it reliably? What have the most effective means of quantification been to date and where is this emerging shared value movement headed next? FSG’s Greg Hills, Cisco’s Tara Collison, and Intel’s Courtney Martin discuss these questions and more at New Metrics ’13.

COMMUNITY CONVERSATION: Shared Value Metrics for Non-profit Partnerships and Fundraising

This conversation started by Mark Bryan, Officer of Global Partnerships at the United Nations Foundation, centers on developing a new set of indicators to measure the value that partnerships bring to both an organization and the issues it supports. Join the debate with commenters from Heifer and other practicing NGOs. 


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