By: Bobbi Silten | Managing Director at Shared Value Initiative | November 6th, 2018

I’ve found that whenever I start a new job, the first 100 days go by quickly and it was no different stepping into the role as the leader of the Shared Value Initiative.  I spent my first few months getting immersed in all things shared value, meeting with SVI members and collaborators, and talking with practitioners and thought leaders in the field to understand our challenges and opportunities.  In all these encounters there was a common thread: the belief in shared value is strong.

CSV Plan in Candelaria: The integration between business and its local surrounding

By: Maria Gotti | Sustainability Projects and Practice Sharing Analyst at Enel | May 25th, 2017

Candelaria is a thermal combined cycle gas power plant with an installed capacity of 221 MW, located in the municipality of Candelaria in the north east of Tenerife (Canary Island). The plant is functioning since 1967 (50th anniversary will be celebrated this year) and it has always been crucial for the electrification of the island, most of all due to the increase in the demand of electricity for economic and industrial activities in the area based on local tourism and construction. In the past three decades Candelaria has been the principal electric producer of the island.

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Strategic Partnership in Chile – Innovation and Sustainability through Circular Economy

By: Maria Gotti | Sustainability Projects and Practice Sharing Analyst at Enel | May 4th, 2017

A training centre completely built using recycled materials from the worksite of the Sierra Gorda (112MW) wind farm located in the desert of Antofagasta, 60km from Calama in Chile. An eco-technological workshop where women and the elderly from the Baquedano community, a small village of almost 550 inhabitants, learn artisan activities with the aim of initiating small local enterprises.

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Building sustainable supply chains to reverse the “Paradox of the Starving Farmer”

By: Mark Gunton | CEO at Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, Clinton Foundation | April 26th, 2017

By Mark Gunton, CEO, Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership and Eduardo Tugendhat, Global Director of Thought Leadership, Palladium

Health and Nutrition Poverty

Government as a catalyst for shared value partnerships

By: Michelle Wenzel | Program Manager at Shared Value Project | February 20th, 2017

On 1 February, more than 100 leaders from business, government and civil society gathered in Canberra, Australia to explore the role of Government as a catalyst for creating shared value partnerships.

Global Development

Customer Centricity Program in Ferentari - Romania

By: Maria Gotti | Sustainability Projects and Practice Sharing Analyst at Enel | October 18th, 2016

Energy poverty is an issue in Romania being included in the Government’s national anti–poverty strategy. The strategy launched this year aims to address poverty and social exclusion that affects up to one third of the population, leaving large communities throughout the country with a lack of educational and economic opportunities, inadequate housing and, consequently, limited access to energy.

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Where does business stand on the SDGs?

By: Stine Lise Hatt... | Manager/owner at Pure Consulting | July 13th, 2016

Stine Lise Hattestad Bratsberg representing Norway and the business perspective on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Get to Know Your New Corporate Partner: 18 Questions to Ask

By: Carol Moore | Director, Global Alliances & Strategic Initiatives at Heifer International | July 7th, 2016

So you’re a nonprofit that’s landed the first meeting with a corporate partner – now what?

Design as Shared Value Capital: How we embed purpose at KSS Architects

By: Emma Ignaszewski | Writer at KSS Architects | May 26th, 2016

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By: Rossella Piccirillo | Sustainability Project and Practice Sharing at Enel | May 2nd, 2016

Due to a very high fuel poverty rate which leads to missing payments and electricity theft, there was a strong need of increasing customer loyalty. This  is a program that aims to incorporate all sustainability projects developed in Brazil by Enel’s local company - Ampla. The idea behind this program is that services should be more “human” by getting closer to people.

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