Government as a catalyst for shared value partnerships

By: Michelle Wenzel | Program Manager at Shared Value Project | February 20th, 2017

On 1 February, more than 100 leaders from business, government and civil society gathered in Canberra, Australia to explore the role of Government as a catalyst for creating shared value partnerships.

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Design as Shared Value Capital: How we embed purpose at KSS Architects

By: Emma Ignaszewski | Writer at KSS Architects | May 26th, 2016

From Shareholder Value to World Value: A New Brand Metric

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People are more powerful than ever, and are using this power to move the world forward. Generating and scaling social change has become our collective responsibility. Business has long focused on creating shareholder value, but, as we begin to work together, consumer and employee pressure is pushing brands to consider broader value creation.

We call this world value.

Business + Purpose in 2016

By: Danielle Holly | CEO at Common Impact | January 15th, 2016

In President Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday, he called on business to be a force for good through the strong and fair treatment of employees.    

"This year I plan to lift up the many businesses who've figured out that doing right by their workers ends up being good for their shareholders, their customers and their communities, so that we can spread those best practices across America."

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Mama's Hubs Community and Black Women Empowerment Project

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I am brand new Shared Value activist and believe it is my calling to spread a bigger awareness of Shared Value in the South African Business community and more specifically in the Advertising and Marketing sector.  I completed my Honors Degree in Communications and Brand Leadership in November 2015 and my final dissertation unpacked the perceived role that Shared Value plays in brand sustainability in the Advertising sector in South Africa.  I would like to be given the opportunity to share my findings and tell my story.

How does social purpose change a brand?

By: Ellen Martin | Associate Director, Partnerships at Shared Value Initiative | May 29th, 2015

From Sustainable Luxury to Luxurious Sustainability

By: Misha Pinkhasov | Principal and Co-Founder at NAIR-SAFIR | April 15th, 2015

At the 1.618 Sustainable Luxury conference in Paris, major players marked a turning point in the future of high-end commerce. 

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The 202020 Vision: A cunning plan to green our cities

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Australia needs more green spaces in our urban areas. They are good for health, good for the environment and good for local business.

At the same time, Australia's plant growers needs to sell more trees and plants.

Yet, in a time when land sizes are getting smaller and houses are getting bigger, back yards are becoming a thing of the past and sometimes there is simply no more room for green space.

To overcome this problem, we created the 202020 Vision, a cunning plan to create 20% more trees and plants in our urban areas by 2020.

Brands: Turn Your Customers Into Micro-Leaders For Good

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Once upon a time, brands were heroes. They pushed advertising messages to people in order to convert them into loyal customers. But today, great brands enable heroes. They invite customers to join their cause and give them the tools to become champions for their mission. This is what the best social innovation businesses must do in order to stay competitive.

Addressing Sustainable Development Goals: Shared value on the agenda at the 2015 World Economic Forum in Davos

By: Briar Lloyd | Member Liaison at Shared Value Project | March 9th, 2015

Shared value is experiencing wide-spread adoption, with global amplifiers and multiple actors embracing the shared value terminology across business-in-society convenings and platforms. This year at the 2015 World Economic Forum in Davos it was more apparent than ever, with economic growth and social inclusion highlighted across the open forum program of the Annual Meeting.

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