By: Giuseppe Antoni... | Stakeholder Manager at TIM | March 23rd, 2016

The new Shared Value Initiative partner ties together business and societal success.

In July 2015, TIM transformed its sustainability model from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Corporate Shared Value (CSV). Influenced by the shared value approach developed by FSG, TIM has defined its new strategy based on economic and social value creation.

The goal is linking economic and financial performances with social value created by addressing existing needs within the broader community.

Through thoughtful organizational design, this innovative process will integrate sustainability into daily business practices. The evolution is meant to engage the whole organization to give rise and deliver a higher value than the mere economic one.

In other words: In July we changed our organization. We are now implementing Corporate Shared Value.

The Corporate Shared Value Model

In response to social needs that overlap with our core business, TIM has defined three areas of intervention: digitization, connectivity and social innovation; environmental protection; and digital culture.

Each of these strategic areas of intervention will be realized through specific actions and projects, which are being developed to create value both for the business and for community.

The value generated by each project is measured through a dashboard of financial and non-financial KPIs, expressing the value generated both for the company and the people of Italy.

We’re also proud to share that this year, for the fist time, TIM will produce a Sustainability Report including a number of CSV projects measured in terms of business and social value impact. 

TIM_CSV Strategy ENG.pdf

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