By: Briar Lloyd | Member Liaison at Shared Value Project | August 2nd, 2017

Ever wanted to create a shared value project but didn’t know where to start? Based on the shared value worksheet developed for the 2016 Forum, SV GO contains ten ready-to-go projects to adopt into your organisation – or use as inspiration to create your own. Created by the Shared Value Project in collaboration with IAG and the Republic of Everyone.


Heart disease, obesity, key worker housing, transport, aged care, loneliness, climate change, extreme weather, disaster recovery. These are big issues. Could it be possible that with the right people in the room, you could design a solution that could help solve one of them, in just a few hours?

Better still, could it be a profitable business solution? After all, as Mark Kramer says, profit is what makes ideas scalable and sustainable. So if you can create profitable solutions to social problems, the value is shared and everyone benefits.

We laid down that challenge at the 2016 Shared Value Forum and the results were eye-opening. We have taken the ten best, as voted by you, and assembled them in this book.

Think of them as inspiration. Or think of them as a catalogue of projects ready to go, for you to take back to your team and make yours.

Whatever the case, hopefully they grow the understanding of what shared value is and how a few determined people could well be the answer to some of the world’s curliest problems.


The ideas are all based on the Shared Value Worksheet, co-designed by Shared Value Project, IAG and Republic of Everyone.

It is anchored in shared value but also brings the concept of Collective Impact to the table.

Collective Impact accepts that most societal problems are too big for any one player to solve, so creates a framework for organisations to work collectively to solve an issue for mutual benefit.

You can see how, together, these two disciplines have the power to bring together industry, government and community to work together to effect positive, profitable change.

Like it? You can find a copy of the Shared Value Worksheet at


Choose an idea, make it happen.

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