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Chris Wolff's picture
The Secret Sauce in Shared Value, Lean Startup, Behavioral Economics, and Social Enterprise
By: Chris Wolff | 3 years 1 month ago | Permalink
As an enthusiast for new solutions to old problems I wonder: Are you as excited as I am by relatively recent developments of social enterprises, shared value, behavioral economics and/or lean startups for social change? Or do you skeptically forecast which of these business approaches might just be fads? Even for skeptics, there’s a fundamental denominator under-girding all of these trends... more
Jim Kalbach's picture
Visualizing Shared Value with MURAL
By: Jim Kalbach | 3 years 1 month ago | Permalink
MURAL was the Initiative's technology partner for the Shared Value Leadership Summit 2016.  Consider these examples of business innovation: CVS stopped selling cigarettes at its stores, giving up $2billion in sales, but have in return seen greater uptake in health services and sales of products like nicotine patches. Nestlé added micronutrients to foods to improve health in... more
Julie McBride's picture
Think Different (and Big): Re-imagining International Development in the Way Steve Jobs Re-imagined Technology
By: Julie McBride | 3 years 1 month ago | Permalink
Think Different (and Big) Re-imagining international development the way Steve Jobs re-imagined technology By Julie McBride, Senior Consultant, Social Franchising MSA Worldwide December 2015 Steve Jobs is celebrated for pushing boundaries – the boundaries of societal norms and the boundaries of individuals willing to put principles over personalities and... more
Danielle Holly's picture
Unlocking Profit and Purpose: CVS Health and Delta
By: Danielle Holly | 3 years 1 month ago | Permalink
We have all seen corporate community engagement undergo a transformation in the past 20 years.  Through the 1990’s a company’s engagement strategy was largely driven by compliance, aligning to policies that ensure that business does the least harm to consumers and the environment.  In the early 2000’s, companies started to develop more intentional investment in their... more
Meghan Ennes's picture
MAY 10-11: Watch the #SVLeaders Summit Live
By: Meghan Ennes | 3 years 1 month ago | Permalink
As the shared value movement grows, the Shared Value Leadership Summit is now the annual convening for people who want to change the world through business innovation. Joining shared value pioneer and returning Summit speaker Michael Porter are leaders from across sectors and industries—from Fortune 500 CEOs to the managing editor of Fortune itself. These experts will be... more
Justin Bakule's picture
The Shared Value Summit: A Community Affair
By: Justin Bakule | 3 years 1 month ago | Permalink
Justin Bakule addresses the crowd at the 2015 Shared Value Leadership Summit. This post was originally published on When describing the history of our Shared Value Summit, I always begin the story in the same way: “Our first summit was a modest affair... and I’m not being modest when I say that.”  In the first edition, we asked the 50 attendees how we could best... more
Bettina Mirabile's picture
Enel Encourages Innovation with Shared Value Business Challenge
By: Bettina Mirabile | 3 years 1 month ago | Permalink
An infusion of competition helped kick-start this green energy company's shared value journey. One of Enel’s leading sustainability goals is to promote the integration of sustainability into the business process by applying a decision-making approach centered on Creating Shared Value (CSV). In this way, Enel combines the business perspective of the company and the... more
Rossella Piccirillo's picture
Awareness for Everyone through Citizenship, Art, Ecology, Efficiency, Digital, Future, Job Opportunities, Knowledge, Mobile, Digital
By: Rossella Piccirillo | 3 years 1 month ago | Permalink
Due to a very high fuel poverty rate which leads to missing payments and electricity theft, there was a strong need of increasing customer loyalty. This  is a program that aims to incorporate all sustainability projects developed in Brazil by Enel’s local company - Ampla. The idea behind this program is that services should be more “human” by getting closer to people. The projects aim at... more
Maria Gotti's picture
Empowered Mothers Nurture Healthy Families
By: Maria Gotti | 3 years 1 month ago | Permalink
Enel Green Power – Republic of South Africa (EGP RSA) other than developing its business through renewable energies, is committed to certain social development obligations including the development of local communities in the areas near their projects. In South Africa, 30% of pregnant women are HIV+, and 43% of deaths among women and babies are due to HIV. In collaboration with mothers2mothers... more
Rossella Piccirillo's picture
Lighting a Sustainable World
By: Rossella Piccirillo | 3 years 1 month ago | Permalink
To generate value in its business areas, Enel needs to find partners on the territory that would help the company gain innovative ideas to be transformed in actions to create value. In fact Enel  partners with associations and international organizations that contribute to the social and economic development of areas and communities in which it operates to favor the dialogue and... more