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Elevating Health at the United Nations Global Compact
By: Derek Yach | 2 years 6 months ago | Permalink
This post was coauthored by Derek Yach & Gillian Christie, Vitality.  Ten years following the Earth Summit (1992) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the World Summit on Sustainable Development (2002) in Johannesburg, South Africa was an opportunity to elevate health on the environmental and development agendas. The newly launched Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) build upon outputs from... more
The Philippines on the path through Shared Value
By: David Laurel | 2 years 6 months ago | Permalink
As a practitioner for CSV it made me so glad to hear our incoming Secretary of Finance, Carlos "Sonny" Dominguez, issued the following statement in yesterday's press conference, which includes all the members of the incoming Philippine government's Economic Cluster. I quote: “It is to change the way we do things as a nation. It is a patriotic call to start building a truly 21st-century society... more
Changing the World by Changing Business
By: Meghan Ennes | 2 years 7 months ago | Permalink
Three reasons why your company should aim to tackle social issues. (Photo from left to right: Alan Murray, Fortune; Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala , Ayala; Helena B. Foulkes, CVS Health; Ed Brandt, MasterCard; and Jakob Riis, Novo Nordisk.) While the Great Recession put a dent in the public’s trust in corporations, faith in business is now gradually on the rise. According to the 2016... more
Talking shared value & smart business in Rome
By: Blakey Emmett | 2 years 7 months ago | Permalink
This post was originally published on Pact's website.  We had our fair share of pasta and gelato, but for the more than 60 people who descended on Rome, Italy, last week for the Shared Value Practitioners Forum, the richness was in conversation, collaboration, and curiosity. Prego! Pact was 10-strong at the forum. Country directors from Nigeria, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Swaziland,... more
JUNE 21: Watch the Nestlé CSV Forum Live
By: Barbara Wettstein | 2 years 7 months ago | Permalink
Didier Burkhalter, President of the Swiss Confederation (center) attending the Creating Shared Value Forum in 2014 (Photo Credit: Nestle Flickr).  On 21 June, we at Nestlé will hold our Creating Shared Value Global Forum in Africa. Entitled Investing in Sustainable Development in Africa, the forum will bring together business, civil society and government leaders from Africa and... more
Shared Value in Australia - Featuring on Talkback radio
By: Sam Moore | 2 years 7 months ago | Permalink
Peter Yates (chair of the Shared Value Project, the peak practice body for shared value in Australasia and the exclusive regional partner of the Shared Value Initiative) was interviewed on national talkback radio in Australia on Wednesday regarding Shared Value. To listen in to the interview click here
Genesis Analytics becomes only Africa-based affiliate of Shared Value Initiative
By: Ryan Short | 2 years 7 months ago | Permalink
Johannesburg, South Africa – Genesis Analytics has been signed on as the only African-based affiliate of the Shared Value Initiative’s Consulting Affiliate Network, the world’s leading shared value practitioners’ network. With offices in Johannesburg and Nairobi, Genesis Analytics is the largest economics-based consultancy in Africa, with 85 consultants advising governments, private firms,... more
Interview for Master thesis - Creating Shared Value
By: Noémie Frohn | 2 years 7 months ago | Permalink
Dear all, My name is Noémie and I am a French student enrolled in a Master of Science in Management at Grenoble Ecole de Management. In the frame of my master thesis, I have decided to analyze the concept of Shared Value and its corporate practices. The main issue I would like to discuss is the following: The concept of Creating Shared Value to cure capitalism: utopia or reality?... more
Shared Value and the future of Foundations
By: Sam Moore | 2 years 7 months ago | Permalink
I admit that I know very little about foundations. What I know I've learnt through reading about F.B. Heron Foundation and my dealings with Bendigo Bank's own Community Enterprise Foundation.  "Creating shared value" however comes to mind when I read about Heron's changing business model. Consistent with the growing recognition from business of the fundamental... more
Just Add Water: Cooking up Successful Corporate-NGO Partnerships
By: Patty Russell | 2 years 7 months ago | Permalink
End users in Kenya operate MSR's Community Chlorine Maker to purify clean drinking water. (Photo: MSR Global Health) What do you get when you combine a quarter cup of water with table salt and a zap from a car battery? Enough chlorine to purify 200 liters of drinking water. I was fascinated last spring when I first encountered the MSR SE200 Community Chlorine Maker (pictured... more