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Daniel Castillejos's picture
social entrepreneur, The Perfect Plan
By: Daniel Castillejos | 6 years 2 months ago | Permalink
Hello i would like to receive some advice on the constitution of our social company. I will be sharing the business model that we have and that we know can have a real social impact.  Antecedents,  In Mexico is well known that the hand craft industry is not actually sustainable, for example, a women that embroiders shirts is probably selling one every 2 or 3 months, the rate and... more
Don Richardson's picture
Remote Communities: Creating Shared Value in Extractive Industries
By: Don Richardson | 6 years 2 months ago | Permalink
Extractives & Shared Value: Opportunities and Challenges Working in the extractives sector - mining, oil & gas, etc. - means working in remote areas of the world where opportunities to create shared value are immense.  Richard Williams & Janet Hayes of Oxford Policy Management provide a good summary of three approaches for companies to "Create Shared Value".  Mapped to... more
Tuan Anh Truong's picture
Can small and medium companies create shared value?
By: Tuan Anh Truong | 6 years 2 months ago | Permalink
There has been a number of leading multinational companies which was introduced in Big idea article issued in 2011 and are named in site and this site pursuing CSV. The question is how small and medium companies approach this strategy and is there any company performing successfully?
Olga Escarra's picture
Shared value in the Colombian Palm Oil cluster
By: Olga Escarra | 6 years 2 months ago | Permalink
Hello! I am a master student currently working on my final dissertation project, and I have choosen to apply the Shared value theory to the Colombian Palm Oil cluster. Given the newness of the concept and specially the impact it has for business and society, I found it a very interesting topic to explore further. However, I have been facing some difficulties when trying to define the... more
Alex Blanton's picture
Blodget: "This One Tweet Reveals What's Wrong with American Business"
By: Alex Blanton | 6 years 2 months ago | Permalink
The always opinionated Henry Blodget doesn't use the term "shared value" here, but this is an interesting discussion of how many companies view a large portion of their employees simply as costs, including: 'In this style of capitalism, leaders do not manage teams and organizations in a way that creates value for everyone--customers, shareholders, and employees. Rather, in this style of... more
Hélène Manche's picture
Research shared value and social improvement: changing the relation business/NGOs?
By: Hélène Manche | 6 years 2 months ago | Permalink
I'm doing a research about the new relation between companies and NGOs created by the implementation of the concept of shared value. I would like to show how the role of NGOs is slowly being modified. NGOs have new opportunities acting side by side with companies who opted for the shared value model. My research is focused on the Rio de Janeiro's suburbs and favelas... more
Stacy Neal's picture
Shared Value Executive Education to Launch November 12-14, 2013--Register Now!
By: Stacy Neal | 6 years 2 months ago | Permalink
The Shared Value Initiative is pleased to announce the launch of our first open enrollment course, Shared Value Executive Education: Gain Competitive Advantage through Shared Value. Over the course of three days, participants will engage with thought leaders and fellow professionals working to develop successful shared value strategies in corporate settings. Featuring Mark Kramer, co-author of... more
Chile Hidalgo's picture
FSG Launches Shared Value in Extractives Research
By: Chile Hidalgo | 6 years 2 months ago | Permalink
Extractives sectors companies – those in the oil and gas or metals and mining industries – add tremendous value to the world economy, producing the essential inputs for products that improve the lives of billions. They also represent some of the largest companies in the world: the sectors generated $3.5 trillion in annual gross revenues, or around 5 percent of global GDP, in 2012. Eleven of the... more
Katie Sarro's picture
Power Africa: Illuminating the Power of Partnerships for Access to Energy
By: Katie Sarro | 6 years 2 months ago | Permalink
Every evening, the sun sets on the dreams of nearly 590 million people in sub-Saharan Africa who lack access to energy. These 590 million people suffer significant economic disadvantages from insufficient power for productive income-generating activities and receive a reduced quality of essential social services as energy is critical for providing effective education and healthcare. At the... more
Ellen Adair Wyche's picture
Womenetics hosts Shared Value fall conferences in Atlanta and Chicago to help spread understanding about CSV as critical business strategy for 21st century
By: Ellen Adair Wyche | 6 years 3 months ago | Permalink
Womenetics is pleased to help advance understanding of Shared Value through our Global Women's Initiative conferences in Atlanta and Chicago this fall.  Incorporating representatives from the corporate, non-profit, public policy and academic realm, we will explore this important movement and particularly focus on ways that women business leaders can accelerate the adoption of CSV and... more