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Carina Wendel's picture
Collaboration in the Canadian Oil Sands
By: Carina Wendel | 6 years 1 month ago | Permalink
The FSG shared value in extractives research team just came back from a week of interviews, presentations and site visits in Calgary, Edmonton and Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. The team was especially interested in visiting Alberta because of the size of the oil and gas industry, and its tremendous potential for positive – and negative – impact. Northern Alberta holds the world’s largest... more
Sooah Cho's picture
Shared Value Unlocking the Power of Internet
By: Sooah Cho | 6 years 1 month ago | Permalink
Giant tech-companies such as Facebook, Samsung, and Google have recently announced their goals to bring Internet to the two-thirds of the world’s population that currently is not connected to the rich knowledge economy online. Following the announcements of such ambitious plans for expanding global Internet access, a thought-provoking SSIR blog post, “Facebook’s Shared Value Status: It’s... more
Don Richardson's picture
The Business Solution to Poverty: Book Review
By: Don Richardson | 6 years 1 month ago | Permalink
Paul Polak and Mal Warwick’s new book The Business Solution to Poverty is, as Bill Clinton says on the cover note, “one of the most helpful propositions to come along in a long time… original, ambitious and practical.”  If you’re an entrepreneur looking to break into emerging markets, a development practitioner trying to figure out how to harness private sector smarts and local... more
satia marchese daelli's picture
Shared value in financial sector
By: satia marchese daelli | 6 years 1 month ago | Permalink
  Hi all, I am looking for case studies of creating shared value in the financial sector. Can you please provide me some interesting link, articles etc? (Obviously I have already downloaded the available materials from the "resources" section of this website and from )   Thank you for your help! Best Satia (Avanzi - Italy)
Astrid Edwards's picture
Creating Shared Value Forum Australia: November 26, 2013
By: Astrid Edwards | 6 years 1 month ago | Permalink
Following the inaugural Creating Shared Value Forum held in Melbourne in November 2012, Net Balance is pleased to announce the 2nd annual Forum, to be held in Melbourne on Tuesday 26 November 2013. Marc Pfitzer, Managing Director at FSG, will be the keynote speaker. The theme of the Forum will be implementation and practice of CSV in the Australian market. We will be launching the first... more
Angela Barmettler's picture
Corporate Social Innovation at Scale: How to Get the Recipe Right
By: Angela Barmettler | 6 years 1 month ago | Permalink
Innovation is deeply engrained in corporate DNA, as the engine to outperform competition in increasingly saturated markets. Evidence of business’ tremendous innovation power reaches us every day under the form of new or improved products, some of which are glorified for their disruptive effects on entire sectors. But although we are surrounded with great innovations, you will probably struggle to... more
Todd Kirkbride's picture
Requesting Expertise in Designing Baseline Indicators to test different Shared Value Models
By: Todd Kirkbride | 6 years 1 month ago | Permalink
Colleagues, I thought I would tap into this brain trust to get anyones insights or experience around types of questions/information I might want to collect to develop and implement different shared value models in a cashew processing value chain project TechnoServe is designing in northern Mozambique. We will be working throughout the value chain from improved farming technologies to... more
Todd Kirkbride's picture
Investment Advising as a Catalyst for Creating Shared Value
By: Todd Kirkbride | 6 years 1 month ago | Permalink
When it comes to creating a market-entry strategy, investors don’t know what they don’t know. Investors smart enough to realize this aim to collect as much accurate information as possible about the investment climate, on-the-ground business realities and growth opportunities. To gather this information efficiently, investors must quickly connect with advisors who can help them map out all... more
Laura Palantone's picture
Talking the ‘Shared Value’ Walk
By: Laura Palantone | 6 years 1 month ago | Permalink
An article that was just published in the September issue of Harvard Business Review and written by Marc Pfitzer and Valerie Bockstette of FSG, “Innovating for Shared Value,” discusses the findings of a study of more than 30 companies that have applied the concept of “shared value.” It builds on the pieces by Michael Porter in 2007 and 2011 and concludes that five ingredients—social purpose... more
Mara Butts's picture
Please Join Womenetics for a Virtual Conversation with FSG Managing Director Laura Herman - August 20 (2:00 p.m. EST)
By: Mara Butts | 6 years 2 months ago | Permalink
Please join us for an interactive discussion with CSV expert Laura Herman.                                  August 20, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. (EST)              Register now! - How can business change... more