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Rita Fentener's picture
Challenging the corporate sector to become socially enterprising
By: Rita Fentener | 6 years 2 days ago | Permalink
Years working with social entrepreneurs in London have taught me that yes, you can have more. You can create business AND social value. At the time, I was mentoring innovative start-ups and SMEs providing services in the healthcare, education and creative industries. The entrepreneurs I met were truly inspiring: they wanted to solve social problems in their community and make a genuine difference... more
Megan Whittaker's picture
Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility in Myanmar: Lessons from the Sri Lankan Experience
By: Megan Whittaker | 6 years 6 days ago | Permalink
As Myanmar opens up to the world, businesses that want to get in on the action are expected to play by the rules, perhaps more so than in any developing nation thus far.  Companies that treat corporate social responsibility as an opportunity and not just an obligation stand to gain a short- and long-term competitive advantage over those that do not.  To better analyze the potential for... more
Chad Bolick's picture
London Calling: Strategy Firms Gather to Advance Shared Value
By: Chad Bolick | 6 years 1 week ago | Permalink
What unites 45 consulting firms from 24 countries on 6 continents? A community of practice around shared value strategy. Managed by the Shared Value Initiative, the Affiliated Professional Services (APS) Network is a global network of strategy and communications consulting firms working to advance adoption and implementation of shared value strategy. From October 15-17, 2013, a carefully... more
Angela Simo Brown's picture
Can Canada Lead in the Shared Value Movement? A Panel Discussion
By: Angela Simo Brown | 6 years 1 week ago | Permalink
Last week, LoyaltyOne, of which AIR MILES for Social Change is a part, hosted a panel discussion to explore what Canadian businesses, not-for-profits, governments and academia are doing collaboratively to engage in shared value creation. Participants in the panel discussion included Justin Bakule, Executive Director, Shared Value Initiative; John Brodhead, Executive Director, Evergreen... more
Paul Thambar's picture
Presence in Australia
By: Paul Thambar | 6 years 2 weeks ago | Permalink
Hi, Just wondering if you have a presence in Australia?   Rgds, Paul
Alex Blanton's picture
Coca-Cola, Slingshot, and EKOCENTER
By: Alex Blanton | 6 years 2 weeks ago | Permalink
Listening to NPR this morning I learned about the Coca-Cola / Slingshot partnership to deliver clean drinking water. Then I read about the EKOCENTER partnership when I did a little web searching at lunchtime: Pretty interesting stuff.  Can anyone point me to more in-depth... more
Jennifer Chen's picture
Informing the Shared Value Movement: Corporate Giving in 2012
By: Jennifer Chen | 6 years 3 weeks ago | Permalink
Despite the continued impact of the global recession on businesses, 59 percent of companies, many without waiting for their own profits to recover, recommitted to the communities by giving more to charity in 2012 than they did in 2007, before the recession took hold. This finding headlines Giving in Numbers: 2013 Edition released this week by CECP in association with The Conference Board.... more
Greg Hills's picture
Shared Value and the New Metrics of Business
By: Greg Hills | 6 years 3 weeks ago | Permalink
I look forward to moderating a shared value panel on Tuesday, September 24th at the New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference, hosted by Sustainable Brands. Joining me are experts Tara Collison, Sr. Manager, Strategic Planning, Corporate Affairs, Cisco and Courtney Martin, Finance Specialist, Corporate Affairs Group, Intel (a Shared Value Initiative funder). The panel runs from 3:30-4:30 pm... more
Justin Bakule's picture
Shared Value in investing, education, debuts at the 2013 CGI Annual Meeting
By: Justin Bakule | 6 years 3 weeks ago | Permalink
We are pleased to return to the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting where one year ago, we announced the formation of the Shared Value Initiative as a CGI Commitment to Action. On Tuesday, September 24th, Mark Kramer, co-founder of FSG and senior advisor to the Initiative, will present “Making the Shared Value Case to Investors,” in an interactive session with Jørgen Ole Haslestad, President... more
James Epstein-Reeves's picture
Boldness: The Key Lesson From the Six Pioneers of Sustainability
By: James Epstein-Reeves | 6 years 4 weeks ago | Permalink
Whether you refer to the field as sustainability, corporate social responsibility, or shared value, today social and environmental issues are more a part of everyday business than ever before.  We are now at a point where we can look back and celebrate the history of the field. And it’s in that spirit that I collaborated with Ellen Weinreb of the Weinreb Group to publish a report today where... more