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Sebastien Mazzuri's picture
Shared value measurement for health solutions
By: Sebastien Mazzuri | 5 years 7 months ago | Permalink
In the summer of 2013, FSG and the Shared Value Initiative convened a group of representatives from pharmaceutical, medical device, food/nutrition, technology, and communication companies as well as interested parties from academia, NGOs, civil society and government agencies in Boston for a workshop discussion centered on shared value measurement for health solutions. Shared value has... more
Angela Simo Brown's picture
Is risk adversion holding Canada back in shared value?
By: Angela Simo Brown | 5 years 7 months ago | Permalink
In September, we invited 75 guests from business, government, not-for-profit groups and academia passionately discussed the merits of the shared value concept for progress in Canada. Below is an excerpt; please read the full article on the HuffingtonPost. Excerpt: Canada is emerging as a world leader in creating shared value and cross-sector collaboration, but we need to be less risk... more
Rhodri Ellis-Jones's picture
Fixing Capitalism by Fixing Capital on Triple Pundit
By: Rhodri Ellis-Jones | 5 years 7 months ago | Permalink
Hi all, My firm, Ellis Jones, is an Affiliated Professional Services consulting partner of the Shared Value Initiative. I recently guest blogged for TriplePundit on behalf of the Shared Value Initiative. Please check out the full post on TriplePundit here. Excerpt: Money equals opportunity. Whether your aspirations are more time, more power or more lobster, capitalism creates an... more
Justin Bakule's picture
Igniting the Field in London
By: Justin Bakule | 5 years 8 months ago | Permalink
I’m high above the Atlantic on my way back from an invigorating week working directly with our newest Shared Value Initiative Affiliated Professional Services firms. Joining our existing APS network are inspiring people and firms from Thailand, Ecuador, Chile, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, China, India, and Canada among others. And I’m pleased to say with this additional group our burgeoning... more
Susan Steinhagen's picture
Nestlé Creating Shared Value Global Forum 2013
By: Susan Steinhagen | 5 years 8 months ago | Permalink
Join our live discussion on Monday, October 28th on Creating Shared Value: The changing role of business in development.  In collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Nestlé is co-hosting the 5th edition of the Creating Shared Value Global Forum Monday on 28th October in Cartagena, Colombia. The theme of this year’s Forum is Creating Shared Value: The changing role of... more
David Laurel's picture
Defining CSV further.
By: David Laurel | 5 years 8 months ago | Permalink
Allow me to post this question for discussion.  Since all CSV programs need to be linked to a company's value chain, what happens to the CSV should the value chain cease to exist?  Thanks. Regards, David
Manja Heller's picture
clusters and shared value
By: Manja Heller | 5 years 8 months ago | Permalink
I am trying to find out whether a whole cluster is able to create shared value as well. I appreciate any thoughts on it.
Don Richardson's picture
At Long Last: A Shared Value Elevator Pitch
By: Don Richardson | 5 years 8 months ago | Permalink
One of my business partners, Scott Mackay, is attending the Shared Value Initiative's Affiliated Professional Services Network session in London, UK, the week of October 14th, 2013.  Base on his first day at the session, he contributes this post on developing a "Share Value Elevator Pitch". By Scott Mackay, Managing Partner, Shared Value Solutions Ltd., Canada For a long time, I'... more
Rita Fentener's picture
Challenging the corporate sector to become socially enterprising
By: Rita Fentener | 5 years 8 months ago | Permalink
Years working with social entrepreneurs in London have taught me that yes, you can have more. You can create business AND social value. At the time, I was mentoring innovative start-ups and SMEs providing services in the healthcare, education and creative industries. The entrepreneurs I met were truly inspiring: they wanted to solve social problems in their community and make a genuine difference... more
Megan Whittaker's picture
Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility in Myanmar: Lessons from the Sri Lankan Experience
By: Megan Whittaker | 5 years 8 months ago | Permalink
As Myanmar opens up to the world, businesses that want to get in on the action are expected to play by the rules, perhaps more so than in any developing nation thus far.  Companies that treat corporate social responsibility as an opportunity and not just an obligation stand to gain a short- and long-term competitive advantage over those that do not.  To better analyze the potential for... more