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Marc Pfitzer's picture
How Can We Monetize Shared Value?
By: Marc Pfitzer | 5 years 9 months ago | Permalink
As shared value becomes more established as a concept, measurement practices around corporations and their social impacts are also emerging. But as I’m about to demonstrate, there is disagreement on how we can measure and monetize shared value. At this pivotal moment we’re looking to you, the Shared Value community, for your reflections and guidance on the thoughts below. With the worldwide... more
Meghan Ennes's picture
Happy Holidays from Shared Value Initiative
By: Meghan Ennes | 5 years 9 months ago | Permalink
In this season of giving, family, and close friends, we wish all of our community members a happy and safe holiday. Since its launch, the Shared Value Initiative community has grown to nearly 1,800 members, and it is you who keeps that group alive and thriving! Thank you for all your dedicated support and involvement in our first year, and we look forward to working with you to... more
Meghan Ennes's picture
Webinar: Taking Shared Value to the Next Level
By: Meghan Ennes | 5 years 10 months ago | Permalink
Please submit your pre-questions for the webinar panelists as comments at the end of this post.  The best businesses not only make profits, but bake society’s needs directly into their profit-making. And for the most part, companies are on-board with shared value – at least conceptually. In their Harvard Business Review article Innovating for Shared Value, FSG managing directors... more
Stacy Neal's picture
New Case Study Series: Shared Value in Action
By: Stacy Neal | 5 years 10 months ago | Permalink
Your fellow practitioners from around the world have told us loud and clear: We need case studies to help the field better understand the implementation of shared value. The Shared Value Initiative is pleased to introduce a new series of case studies highlighting global examples of shared value in action, which we hope will aid our community in making the case for shared value and... more
Don Richardson's picture
Happy Holidays from Shared Value Solutions Ltd.!
By: Don Richardson | 5 years 10 months ago | Permalink
Happy holidays from our team and families to you and your family! Since we can’t give you a physical gift through this post, here’s a gift of knowledge that may help you and any "shared value" entrepreneurs you know… people ask where we find such amazing stock photo images for some of our work at Shared Value Solutions Ltd. – we head to Stocksy United. Stocksy is an artist owned... more
Melinda Leth's picture
How Australian Companies Co-Create Long-Term Commercial and Social Value
By: Melinda Leth | 5 years 10 months ago | Permalink
To contribute to the literature on creating shared value, Net Balance is studying eight Australian companies to identify common elements and insights into how companies are creating commercial and social value in practice in a mature market. The participating companies represent different types of shared value and industries, including financial services, food and beverages, property... more
Duncan Peppercorn's picture
The Case for Collaboration in the Nonprofit Sector
By: Duncan Peppercorn | 5 years 10 months ago | Permalink
This post is excerpted from the article “Getting our act together” from SVA Consulting Quarterly. It’s an ‘article of faith’ in the Australian charitable sector that there is a proliferation of non-profits, many of whom have similar causes and programs. If some of these organisations ‘merged’ then back office costs could be saved, and there would be less confusion in the market. However,... more
Meghan Ennes's picture
The Challenge (and Opportunity) of the World's Poor
By: Meghan Ennes | 5 years 10 months ago | Permalink
The number of people in the world living on less than $2 a day is more than the entire world population in 1950. Some may see this as a challenge, but Paul Polak sees opportunity – to harness the scale and cost-cutting power of business to better the lives of people living in poor rural households. And in true shared-value fashion, both sides will benefit.  Polak, founder of the... more
Kris Svane's picture
Masters thesis: Which 5 companies would you rate highest in terms of working with measurability in Shared Value Creation?
By: Kris Svane | 5 years 10 months ago | Permalink
Hi people, I am a masters student at the University of Southern Denmark. I am currently preparing my final master thesis, which is going to be on Shared Value Creation, and measurability in particular. Therefore, I pose the question of which 5 companies you would rate highest within working with measurability in Shared Value Creation? My plan and hope is to be able to use this ... more
Barbara Wettstein's picture
Live Discussion: Inspiring the Next Generation of Farmers
By: Barbara Wettstein | 5 years 10 months ago | Permalink
On Tuesday 17 December (at 16.00 CET / 15.00 GMT), we are holding a live online discussion on the theme of ‘Inspiring the next generation of farmers’ in collaboration with Business Fights Poverty. The online discussion will take place on this link and will feature the following panelists: Hans Joehr, Nestlé head of Agriculture Manfred Borer, Director of the Sustainable Cocoa Production... more