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Phil Preston's picture
Meaning, Measurement and Momentum - The Global Shared Value Summit in Brief
By: Phil Preston | 6 years 8 months ago | Permalink
I’m sitting in my hotel room, looking out a heavy clouds on the Boston horizon, at the end of four days of intensive work discussing shared value implementation with companies and practitioners from all around the world, including Colombia, India, Philippines, Canada, Czech Republic, Brazil, Australia, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, US, UK, Costa Rica, Mexico, Korea, Japan and Chile. We rubbed... more
Andrew Macleod's picture
Why go it alone in community development?
By: Andrew Macleod | 6 years 9 months ago | Permalink
  Drive down a typical highway and you'll see a succession of billboards, each one a stand-alone advertisement for a single brand. Watch a Grand Prix race, on the other hand, and you note a different approach: every car carries a multitude of brands. These complicated, high-performance machines are expensive to build and maintain. With just one sponsor, a car wouldn't amount to much. Now... more
Justin Bakule's picture
Launching By You, For You
By: Justin Bakule | 6 years 9 months ago | Permalink
I offer you my warmest welcome to – the new home of the Shared Value Initiative. The paint is newly dried, and we’re busy checking items off of our punch list for the grand opening. We’re excited to open the doors to a new global community of practice for shared value leaders across the private, public and nonprofit sectors. While is new, the Shared Value... more