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Claudia Knobloch's picture
Think & Drink event: How inclusive is tech in East Africa?
By: Claudia Knobloch | 2 years 7 months ago | Permalink
The tech scene in East Africa is buzzing with brilliant creative minds, who are developing some of the world’s most innovative solutions to everyday challenges. The rapid growth in the region, particularly in Nairobi, is capturing the attention of investors and entrepreneurs around the world. But how inclusive is the tech industry in East Africa? Who is benefitting from the boom? And how can... more
Nina Jais's picture
Insuring Shared Value
By: Nina Jais | 2 years 7 months ago | Permalink
Insuring Shared Value Roundtable - January 19, 2017, Davos At its core, insurance is an inherently social business: its purpose is to protect individual or institutional customers from adverse events. Furthermore, insurance is – much like banking – an enabler of virtually all other sectors. This also implies that in order to simultaneously create value for business and society, insurers often... more
Sam Moore's picture
Social Impact Lending: A Shared Value Strategy
By: Sam Moore | 2 years 8 months ago | Permalink
This post first appeared on LinkedIn “The increasing impact of compliance and prudential regulation are limiting access to financial services and hindering national productivity”, says Bendigo Bank’s CEO Mike Hirst. “SMEs are the most productive economic entities due to their structures, flexibility, payback periods and lower capital intensity,” Hirst has said. “This lack of adequate financing... more
Alicia Dunn's picture
Shared Value Leadership Summit #3 on's 2016 Most Innovative Conferences
By: Alicia Dunn | 2 years 8 months ago | Permalink
Most conferences follow a familiar formula – keynote speakers, breakout sessions, networking opportunities… Not exactly a hotbed of innovation. Until now. The Shared Value Initiative is thrilled to share that the 2016 Shared Value Leadership Summit landed the #3 spot on’s 10 Most Innovative Conferences of 2016. What makes the Summit so innovative? We’re glad you asked. Plenary... more
David Laurel's picture
Seasons Greetings to SVI
By: David Laurel | 2 years 9 months ago | Permalink
From a steadily growing group of Shared Value Practitioners from academia and from the field in the Philippines, we all wish the members/leaders from FSG and the Shared Value Initiative around the world. A Merry Christmas. We look forward to an exciting year of disrupting the cyclical equations of societal problems into opportunities, working for permanence of mutual benefit to society and... more
Alicia Dunn's picture
Different Perspectives, Shared Vision: Two Abbott Leaders Discuss How Sustainable Business Can Improve Lives
By: Alicia Dunn | 2 years 9 months ago | Permalink
As part of our ongoing Shared Value Thought Leaders portfolio of profiles we sat down with Katherine Pickus, Divisional Vice President, Global Citizenship and Policy, Abbott and John Ginascol, Vice President, Nutrition Supply Chain, Abbott to speak with them about the evolution of shared value at this healthcare leader and what more is needed to accelerate the adoption of shared... more
Leith Greenslade's picture
How healthcare companies win in the new Sustainable Development Goals era
By: Leith Greenslade | 2 years 9 months ago | Permalink
The world is now so awash with content it’s hard, maybe even impossible, to separate the wheat from the chaff.  You can be forgiven then, for missing what I think was one of the most important health reports of the Millennium Development Goal era. Released in 2012, just one year after Michael Porter and Mark Kramer published Creating Shared Value and redefined the purpose of the... more
Maria Gotti's picture
By: Maria Gotti | 2 years 9 months ago | Permalink
Preserving biodiversity is one of the strategic objectives of Enel’s environmental policy. The Group in fact promotes projects that aim at protecting local species, their natural habitats, and the local ecosystems in general. In 2015, a Group biodiversity policy was adopted defining a number of principles that need to be followed during the selection and execution of projects throughout the value... more
Ahmad J. Naous's picture
Executing Shared Value by Dr. Robert Kaplan"The Father of the Science of Strategy Execution"
By: Ahmad J. Naous | 2 years 10 months ago | Permalink
Palladium and Professor Robert Kaplan of Harvard Business School discuss how to deliver Positive Impact in Indonesia Palladium Indonesia was delighted to welcome Professor Robert Kaplan, Emeritus Professor at the Harvard Business School, to meet with over 500 business leaders and senior government officials to explore how Indonesia could unite the success of business with that of wider... more
Ahmad J. Naous's picture
The Power of Shared Value- The Story of Palladium Lebanon
By: Ahmad J. Naous | 2 years 10 months ago | Permalink
“Shared value is not social responsibility, philanthropy, or sustainability, but a new way for companies to achieve economic success.” Michael E. Porter and Mark Kramer,  Shared value is a management strategy in which companies find business opportunities in social problems. While philanthropy and CSR focus efforts focus on “giving back” or minimizing the harm business has on... more