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How healthcare companies win in the new Sustainable Development Goals era
By: Leith Greenslade | 2 years 1 month ago | Permalink
The world is now so awash with content it’s hard, maybe even impossible, to separate the wheat from the chaff.  You can be forgiven then, for missing what I think was one of the most important health reports of the Millennium Development Goal era. Released in 2012, just one year after Michael Porter and Mark Kramer published Creating Shared Value and redefined the purpose of the... more
By: Maria Gotti | 2 years 1 month ago | Permalink
Preserving biodiversity is one of the strategic objectives of Enel’s environmental policy. The Group in fact promotes projects that aim at protecting local species, their natural habitats, and the local ecosystems in general. In 2015, a Group biodiversity policy was adopted defining a number of principles that need to be followed during the selection and execution of projects throughout the value... more
Executing Shared Value by Dr. Robert Kaplan"The Father of the Science of Strategy Execution"
By: Ahmad J. Naous | 2 years 2 months ago | Permalink
Palladium and Professor Robert Kaplan of Harvard Business School discuss how to deliver Positive Impact in Indonesia Palladium Indonesia was delighted to welcome Professor Robert Kaplan, Emeritus Professor at the Harvard Business School, to meet with over 500 business leaders and senior government officials to explore how Indonesia could unite the success of business with that of wider... more
The Power of Shared Value- The Story of Palladium Lebanon
By: Ahmad J. Naous | 2 years 2 months ago | Permalink
“Shared value is not social responsibility, philanthropy, or sustainability, but a new way for companies to achieve economic success.” Michael E. Porter and Mark Kramer,  Shared value is a management strategy in which companies find business opportunities in social problems. While philanthropy and CSR focus efforts focus on “giving back” or minimizing the harm business has on... more
NationSwell's Summit on Solutions Will Spark Conversations & Lasting Impact
By: Alicia Dunn | 2 years 2 months ago | Permalink
Our friends at NationSwell have just announced their third annual Summit on Solutions on Tuesday, November 15th at the IAC Building in NYC! We’re happy to share that NationSwell has offered our community a limited number of discounted tickets. The first 10 people who register with promo code Sh4r3d-V4l will snag a $100 ticket! More details below. The NationSwell Summit on Solutions is... more
Call for Proposals - Transforming higher education with innovative partnerships
By: Alicia Dunn | 2 years 3 months ago | Permalink
The Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform (SPHEIR) is a new Department for International Development (DFID) fund which aims to transform Higher Education systems in Sub Saharan Africa and other target countries. It is designed to catalyse innovative ‘partnerships’ in frontier and emerging markets to improve the performance, governance and influence of higher... more
Customer Centricity Program in Ferentari - Romania
By: Maria Gotti | 2 years 3 months ago | Permalink
Energy poverty is an issue in Romania being included in the Government’s national anti–poverty strategy. The strategy launched this year aims to address poverty and social exclusion that affects up to one third of the population, leaving large communities throughout the country with a lack of educational and economic opportunities, inadequate housing and, consequently, limited access to energy.... more
Creating Shared Value in the Italian Context - Futur-E & Decomissioning of Assets
By: Maria Gotti | 2 years 3 months ago | Permalink
The Italian electrical power supply, which relies increasingly on renewable energy sources, is greater than the actual national energy consumption. Today there are 22 thermal power plants that rely on non-renewable sources and are considered marginal because they are old and not efficient. These plants are no longer competitive in the energy market or are no longer operating and thus will be... more
Top Shared Value Moments during UN General Assembly Week
By: Meghan Ennes | 2 years 3 months ago | Permalink
Global development is top-of-mind this month as the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meets for their 71st Annual Debate in New York. Each year in September, leaders from across sectors and industries gather to establish the global agenda – in conversations both inside and outside the walls of the UN. The Shared Value Initiative team was in the thick of the side events, in which private... more
How mobile health can help bring eye care to low-income consumers in developing countries
By: Jayanth Bhuvaraghan | 2 years 3 months ago | Permalink
Two years ago, the number of mobile devices in the world officially overtook the number of people, and this milestone couldn’t have been hit without the exponential growth in emerging markets. Over a billion mobile phones are used in India, for example – more than three times the number owned by Americans. And while a mobile phone in the developed world is a convenience, in the developing... more