Genesis Analytics ( is the largest economics firm in Africa. We work with governments, companies, and the aid community. With offices in Johannesburg and Nairobi, our advisory services include shared value, inclusive business, development economics, research, and business strategy.

The Shared Value practice specialises in:

Shared value and inclusive business strategies: We help companies to understand the needs of the society and communities in which they operate, then design projects of shared value and inclusive business to improve societal impact.

Business impact assessment: We measure the socio-economic impact of companies, investments, and projects.

Stakeholder mapping, engagement and dialogue: We assist companies to engage with government, NGOs and communities, to understand and navigate policy changes, and to facilitate dialogue. 

Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy: We design and evaluate CSR and CSI programmes.

Areas of Expertise:
Business Strategy Corporate Philanthropy Corporate Social Responsibility Energy and Extractices Financial Inclusion Initiative Design, Implementation Measurement Monitoring and Evaluation