By: David Laurel | Independent Consultant Affiliate at Shared Value Initiative | September 3rd, 2015

Greetings to all Shared Value Initiative community members. I was going over the list of remaining events for 2015 because I wanted to put forth a challenge for shared value.  The proper forum would propose this challenge to all participants. Simply put, shared value must take a stand with regards to the latest global societal issue that continually grows in many countries, that of the migration of refugees from war-torn nations.  

Will shared value with its current successes be at the forefront of confronting these issues with alliances from the private sector, NGOs and government? Can the shared value community come up with a strategy that would change this changing world for the better in view of the present challenges?  Perhaps we can begin this discussion through the auspices of Shared Value Initiative member companies and Affiliates.  Thank you.



David D. Laurel

Consultant Affiliate, Cohort 4




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