By: Cate O'Kane | Director, Corporate Partnerships and Philanthropy at PSI | March 25th, 2016

PSI President & CEO Karl Hoffman (second from left) at the Shared Value Leadership Summit, joined by (from left to right) Eli Lilly CEO John Lechleiter, Discovery Health CEO Adrian Gore, and FSG Managing Directory Kyle Peterson. 

As colleagues gathered earlier this month in Washington D.C. for Global Partnerships Week, the development community had the opportunity to pause, reflect and appreciate the different partnerships in practice that are generating impact through shared value approaches. PSI has long embraced collaborations that shake the status quo of traditional corporate philanthropy to generate sustainable and successful impact. We continue to embrace business and markets as the most efficient way to change lives for the better.

To celebrate PSI’s successful partnerships and highlight the partners that are pushing boundaries, I’m thrilled to share the release of PSI’s Corporate Partnership’s 2015 Impact Report. The report highlights key partnership investments that ensure both business and our consumer, Sara, thrive.

The following are three excerpts from the report that showcase how PSI is bringing Shared Value to life with their partners:



“Since 1970, PSI has helped our consumer, Sara and her family, live a healthier life. Today over 9,000 PSI employees work across nearly 60 countries to make it easier for Sara to be healthy, and plan the family she desires, by marketing affordable products and services.

Now, the era of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is upon us. SDG-17 calls us to “revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.” It will take creative partnership to bring all sectors– government, private, civil, and NGOs– together to ensure greater progress towards sustainable development and an end to extreme poverty.

PSI is grateful to the partners who help us break down barriers and mobilize new resources and approaches to meeting Sara’s needs, including sales and marketing expertise, research and development capabilities, and high-level business know-how.

Our 12 strategic and corporate partners have shown a commitment to invest in emerging markets, to share their business development knowledge with us, and to embrace working in an iterative, “learn fast” culture in nearly 20 countries. These investments ensure that Sara’s family can thrive.

Thank you to all who share our commitment to Sara. We look forward to creating healthy markets and sustaining healthy partnerships with you in the years to come.”

– Karl Hofmann, President & CEO, PSI


Sharing the Value of Shared Value

PSI is a long-standing advocate for the concept of shared value – when companies recognize opportunities for innovation and growth in treating social problems as business objectives. Since 2014, we have been a member of FSG’s Shared Value Initiative and a founding member of their INGO Affinity Group, which helps create greater opportunities for partnership and increase collaboration among global development professionals.

In June of 2015, five PSI employees from key technical and country teams joined development colleagues from 17 other INGOs at FSG’s Shared Value Practitioner’s Forum in Istanbul. Shared value strategy, tools, and best practices were explored for development professionals to better communicate and innovate with business leaders and equip field practitioners in designing and executing shared value projects.

“We’re seeing a new wave of companies working to bring business and society back together by redefining their purpose as creating “shared value”— generating economic value in a way that

also produces value for society by addressing its challenges. The NGO community has an opportunity to be full partners in addressing these challenges, through on the ground experience and consumer insights as well as a continued focus on the social needs of the community.”

– Mark Kramer, Founder & Managing Director, FSG


Partnering for Greater Access to Quality Healthcare

PSI’s President and CEO Karl Hofmann was joined by our partner John Lechleiter, Chairman, President & CEO of Eli Lilly and Company and Adrian Gore, Founder and CEO of the Discovery Group to deliver the keynote address at FSG’s annual Shared Value Leadership Summit. They highlighted the necessity for the private sector and NGOs to work collaboratively to create greater access to quality healthcare worldwide.

“The only way we’re going to have any chance of achieving sustainable economic growth and making this planet one on which we can all prosper, is through smarter partnership.”

– Karl Hofmann, President & CEO, PSI

Watch the conversation from the 2015 Summit:


For more, read the full-length version of PSI’s Corporate Partnership’s 2015 Impact Report

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